Tofu-riffic #veganrecipehour


Once again, many thanks for your participation in #veganrecipehour.

We had another overwhelmingly amazing response and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for joining us! Im especially pleased as there were loads of photos and conversations between you lovely peeps! One went on until gone 11pm!! 9you know who you are lol) this is a pretty short looking round up this time but, its spread accross here and #pintrest also, of course you just need to search #tofu or #veganrecipehour on twitter and you have every interaction literally at your fingertips!!

The topic of conversation this time was #tofu. This was chosen as its a bit of a stereotypical #vegan #vegetarian ingredient. Its also a pretty bland, funny looking unwelcoming substance to the uninitiated! BUT… as we have all proved, its amazingly versatile, useful, inexpensive and, once seasoned and cooked properly, very very tasty! its also super healthy!

So, lets get to the recipies!!

Check out this ‘nutty crusted Tofu‘ from’coconut and berries’. You can also find many other wonderful Tofu ideas! Take a look! eg Pesto-Ricotta Tofu Omelettes with Cherry Tomato,

Soy Sesame silken soba noodles sound pretty special from @veganupnorth


We had some great useful tips:

Dorset Vegan@Dorset_vegan

This is my fave tip for tofu – freeze in packet and then defrost and drain – gives chewier texture.

Damian Copeland@DocDamo

Freezing tofu opens up the texture which makes it perfect for marinades – always looking for new marinade ideas btw!

Mr Fullbellies@BRYNFISH 

mash some #tofu, lemon juice, garlic salt and sauted leeks bake in a w/meal pastry base 30min. Hello #vegan quiche


Every had trouble with pressing tofu? Its a bit tricky at times isnt it! Also, if you dont know you have to do it, it can be a bit of a distaster! this is a lovely and useful guide…plus a beautiful recipe!

Soup anyone? I personally cant wait to try this! It looks and sounds superb! Pea and ‘ham’ soup!

Many of you seem to love a nice tofu scramble! Take a look at this awesome sandwich from @theflexitarian A simply gorgeous looking Portobello Mushrooms & Tofu Scramble Ciabatta Sandwich!

And another gorgeous looking sandwich from @KleaAndron 

Not quite a recipe but my favourite #vegan sandwich! taifun pizza tofu,vegusto cheese, pickles,salad #veganrecipehour

@CymruFigan reccomended this tasty dish How wonderfully colourful is that!? How can you possibly not want to eat it! Lush!

And of course there are sweet #tofu recipies!! Veganvoxblog reccomends this Cheesecake recipe. from the wonderful ‘Essential Vegan’ cook book.

Tofu chocolate brownies from ‘Full bellies on a budget’

What about a Smoothie!? One that helps to fight off those pesky coldsores!?!! Brilliant! Food that heals the outide and the inside!!


I think these are the perfect words to sign off with….


VeganMush Ⓥ@VeganMush 21 Nov

I never realized that other people love tofu as much as me. You gotta love #veganrecipehour great topic guys!







About veganrecipehour

Find us @veganrecipehour on twitter! #veganrecipehour is every Thursday 8-9pm (gmt) Each week there is a new theme. (ie #squash) Tweet us with #veganrecipehour and #what the topic is this week! All recipe suggestions are generously suggested by the wonderful vegan Twitter community. there are so many amazingly dedicated people out there with superb vegan blogs, its a shame more people dont know about them! The more we share, the more we educate and the more people will get to understand exactly #whatveganseat! I myself have a Blog. I have not linked #Veganrecipehour and my own blog before but. I didnt not want to appear biased towards my own recipes! You may think this silly but, it fely important to me at the time! I am now so, so proud that VRH has proved to be popular! i am happy to share my own blog:

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