Brand spanking new Competition!

I’m so excited to share this giveaway with you!

I was lucky enough to be sent a mixed box of Caajoo Bars from the wonderful @rajivshah. Now is your chance to sample the yummyness!


All of the bars are handmade and in the most fabulous packaging. A lot of Love has been put into their development and it shows……….

How it’s madeSLOW FOOD

Using the best ingredients, the bars are slowly made by hand. The bars take about three days to make. All the packaging is made in-house too, to keep waste to a minimum. It’s completely plant based including the inner wrapper and home compostable.

The flavors are as follows Cacao nibs/Aniseed, fennel & cardamom/Lemon & ginger/Hint of peppermint/Sea salt.

They are all truly yummy!

To have the chance of winning one of three Mixed packs, simply click on the link below and you will have up to 6 chances to enter!


Winner announced on Friday 12th February. UK only sorry.


14th May 2015 #veganpackedlunch theme.

This was a busy theme! It was lovely to catch up with you all and to see what delights you had to offer to the Twitterverse!

Sometimes taking a packed lunch can be a bit drab and boring….the same thing every day..yawn..

Here are some amazing alternatives to wow everyone with!

We kicked things off with this photo from @Veganlass1. It went down a storm and made all of our bellies growl! mmmmmm vegan sausage sandwich….Although we do have a rival with this Best vegan sandwich ever from the peeps at A Virtual Vegan.

Loving this Curried mango chickpea salad from @greenpeanation. Yum! They also offered us these beauties… well, as you are offering. Let is never be known that I have turned down a biscuit!

Many thanks to @leicVeggie for sharing their Banh mi wrap. Another wrap here from @lifefood. This time its a Cabbage and red Quinoa wrap. Or some lovely Courgette Kelp rolls? Thank you to @Fettlevegan for their Mediterranean pesto wrap. This Raw courgette Hummus from @apriltui sure sounds tasty. Or a lovely Caramelised onion Hummus shared by @myfruitykitchen. wrap.

Welcome once again to the wonderful @ephemerienne. Here we have: a PB&J sandwich, a gorgeous salad, Green sandwich, Bol et Lunch, Lunch box sandwiches

Another lovely idea from @lottielovefood. The Brilliantly named Chick-a-wow-wow dip! or this totally tasty looking Red pepper cashew cream. Yummy!

How about Yoghurt Parfait with Granola and raspberries! Shared by @Mel00. To round it off!

As always, please check out the twitter feed for more vegan inspiration! @veganrecipehour

April Menu

April Menu brought to us by the lovely @feedingjackson.

Spicy Tofu Lettuce Wraps


Makes about 8 wraps

Cook time: 30 minutes

Spicy, sweet, savoury and satisfying these tasty lettuce wraps make the perfect low-carb vegan lunch. The seasonings can easily be adjusted to your liking. If you aren’t that into spice then cut back on the chili paste but try not to leave it out entirely — it really adds to the overall flavour of the wraps.



1 tbsp. vegetable oil

1 small onion chopped

1tbsp. minced fresh ginger

1clove garlic, minced

8 ounces extra-firm tofu crumbled

1 cup chopped mushrooms

1 small carrot grated

2 tbsp. soy sauce

2 tbsp. fresh peanut butter

1 tbsp. dark sesame oil

1 tbsp. Sambal Oelek chili paste (more or less according to taste)

8-10 butter lettuce or iceberg lettuce leaves


chopped green onions

chopped peanuts

fresh cilantro

extra chili sauce

    1. Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the garlic, ginger and chopped onion and cook for about 10 minutes or until everything softens and starts to brown. Add the carrots and the mushrooms and continue cooking until the vegetables are tender. Add the tofu. Cook for a few minutes longer, stirring constantly. Add the soy sauce, peanut butter, sesame oil and chili paste. Stir to combine. Transfer to a serving bowl.
    2. Fill the lettuce leaves with the tofu mixture. Top with your choice of garnish.

No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Oat Cookies


Easy and versatile these healthy treats are filled with good-for-you ingredients and can be adapted to fit your tastes. Substitute the raisins and/or coconut with any of the suggested add-ins or come up with a few of your own.


3/4 cup pure maple syrup

2 Tbsp. good quality dark cocoa powder

1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk

Bring to a boil in a medium saucepan. Let simmer 2-3 minutes. Then add in:

1/4 cup coconut oil

1/3 cup peanut or almond butter

Continue cooking over medium heat until the mixture comes to a low boil. Remove from the heat and add the following ingredients, mixing well using a wooden spoon.

2 cups organic oats

1/4 cup unsweetened coconut

1/4 cup raisins

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1/2 tsp. cinnamon



chopped nuts

dark chocolate chips

cacao nibs

dried cherries, goji berries or chopped dates

hemp seeds, flax seeds or sunflower seeds

cardamom powder


Using a small scooper roll the mixture into small balls and place on a cookie sheet flattening slightly with the palm of your hand. Place the cookies in the refrigerator or freezer for at least an hour until firm. They keep best stored in the refrigerator and served cold.

16th April #Broccoli theme

The theme on 16th April was #Broccoli.

Did you know? Over 30,000 plants can grow on 1 acre of land!?

I was surprised at how busy it was! One of those hours filled not only with recipes, but also fabulous conversation. if I ever feel a bit down on a Thursday, you guys always bring me back up again. Thank you for that!

Lets have a peek at some ideas.

fact! Thanks to the glucoraphanin that it contains, broccoli is good for repairing skin, especially from sun damage

Very apt to start with this as I’m actually having something similar for my Tea tonight! Thank you tot the ever generous @Ephemerienne for sharing her Stir fry with Broccoli recipe. (Google translate) I love this idea for Pasta shells filled with broccoli/pumpkin. Well worth a look! How about this gorgeous idea? or a ‘Chicken’ and broccoli pie? Potato Puree with broccoli. Lovely! Broccoli Mousse sounds great! Broccoli of the Rising Sun sounds awesome!

Did you know? contains the flavonoid kaempferol. It is an anti-inflammatory, helps fight against cancer and heart disease

Loving the colour of this Broccoli soup! Thank you @grainofsaltblog. Another soup here from @Fettlevegan Broccoli and ‘cheeze’ soup. Yum!

is: Very high in vitamin A Very high in vitamin B6 Very high in vitamin C Very high in dietary fibre Very high in potassium.

Just a few gorgeous recipes to keep you going!

Oh almost forgot….Ultimate Vegan pet?


April 2015 themes.

2nd April #veganpizza!! Nom nommmm!!!!
9th April change of theme due to unforseen circumstances. Its now….Tweet what you eat! #veganfoodisawesome! Share your foodie photos!
16th April #broccoli soups, quiches, juicing…how do you eat yours?
23rd #vegasnstgeorge celebrating all things English on St George’s day!!
30th #asparagus its in season now!

#veganonabudget theme

We had a wonderfully busy night . I had a real struggle keeping up!!
Its fab when its like that though. I do however miss conversation, which is sad. Don’t ever think I’m not interested! I’m just struggling with finger cramp 😉 .

This theme is very close to my heart. When I first started blogging, my focus was (and still is) budget meals. I think sometimes selling vegan food as a ‘special diet’ puts people off. It also scares people away from attempting to make a vegan meal. There’s really nothing ‘special’ about it (allergies etc not withstanding) its just great food without the cruelty! No animal products. Of course you can buy lots of nice ingredients and treats but the basic tasyness is very simple and inexpensive.
This is my Full bellies on a budget blog! Packed full of tasty inexpensive recipes!

Let’s have a look at some recipe suggestions!

I even had a budget meal to celebrate the theme! This stew cost under 50p a bowl!


@yogivegetarian has a fab Vegan on a budget blog, crammed full of handy hints and tips! Love this guide for making tofu. Back to the seitan here! But this’d time using Aldi’s own flour!
I love the look of this seed and carrot roast loaf from @sentientchef along with this carrot and ginger soup.
Another lovely blog to look through here from @wholeingredient. Lots of lovely recipes to suit every budget. You can find recipes such as these chocolate orange brownies and this granola. Or a spinach chana masala. Yum! Spiced chestnut soup.
Soup is always a hit here! Check out this leek and potato tastiness from @fettlevegan. Have a peek at this 6 later taco pie! Wow!
One of vrh’s familiar faces is @rawveganista. Make sure you take time to look through her absolutely amazing blog. Overflowing with raw foid inspiration. I can’t put into words how exciting her food is!! 25years of Veganism is something to be celebrated I’m sure you would agree! For example, look at this raw vegan butter!

Loving these frugal recipes shared by @veganfamily. Also this amazing selection of soups.
Another soup from @ephemerienne garlic soup sounds tasty! How about some bread with that? Love this black bean and spinach chilli from @jasminetrinity.


#silkentofu theme 12th March 2015

So, time has once again run out and I have not yet written up the blog! So, instead of not doing it, I hope it’s ok that I’ve done a list :O)

To find out what Silken Tofu is click here.

Savoury recipes

Creamy Tomato and roast red pepper soup from @Leicveggie


Omelette type 2

Pad Thai from @Ephemerienne (Translate if needed)

Tofu Mayonaise from @VeganFoodChat

Silken Tofu #Quiche shared by @Veggie_nut

Rice cooker Frittata shared by @FettleVegan

#Glutenfree broccoli and sweetcorn quiche from @Veganfamily

Crisp silken tofu crusted in lemon grass shared by @Hospitalityinc

Sweet recipes:

Brownies from @fullbelliesOAB

Chocolate frosting

Maple tofu ice cream from @Ephemerienne

Chocolate mousse cake

White #chocolate mousse from @veganfamily

Short but sweet! For more tweeted recipes, have a look at @veganrecipehour!

#Beetroot theme 5th March 2014

Due to popular demand, the #veanrecipehour theme was Beetroot!

I’ve always been a big fan of Beets. I have a particular soft spot for pickled beetroot with a salad. I also like them roast with other veggies. They are also awesome in cakes and lend a lovely shade of purple to icing!

What’s not to love!?!

Here is a great article by @sentientchef about the benefits of Beetroot. Thank you for sharing!

We even have a soundtrack courtesy of @VeganDisco!

You can’t go far wrong starting with cake!! Thank you to @ShonalikaTilak for sharing this Beautiful Chocolate, Banana, Beetroot cake. @FettleVegan uses beetroot juice in these super fab looking Orange cream filled chocolates Yum! Ever heard of Beetroot powder? Have a look at this amazing cake from @elliesrecipes. How gorgeous is that!??! I love the idea of these Beetroot truffles from @Botanicalbaker!

I’m loving the idea of this Beet Kvass Fermented Elixir from @AnnieLevy121. Super dooper Probiotic goodness! Or how about a Sweet beet Smoothie?

Burger anyone? Brown rice, beetroot and walnut burgers from @fullbelliesOAB.

This is an awesome sounding (and looking) Pizza from @FettleVegan. It’s Roast Beet, blood orange and fennel! Wowee!

How gorgeous does this salad look?! Beetroot and peanut salad from @YogiVegetarian. I’m also loving the look of these baked beets with cumin. Yum! Thank you to @VeganLifestyleAssoc for sharing this idea for a Kale wrap with beetroot. Tasty! Another one from them in the shape of a Beetroot and chilli burger.

Loving the look of these Sweet Stuffed Pepper with Beetroot and sunflower seeds! Thank you to @Sentientchef for sharing. Also shared was this ginger Beet salad.

It was nice to tweet @Wrappedinpaper and to read their recipe for Celeriac and marinated Beetroot salad. Or a lovely Beetroot risotto? Or another lovely Chocolate cake!

I spied this recipe for Roti’s and can’t wait to try it out!

For more fabulous recipes, check out the @Veganrecipehour Twitter feed!

March 2015 themes

Here is the list of this month’s themes!

5th March #Beetroot

12th March #SilkenTofu Just silken tofu recipes please. This type of tofu seems to be sold in all sorts of shops and is often mistaken for the firm tofu. Let’s see what we can use silken tofu for!

19th #veganonabudget What are your best low cost recipes? What food is best value for money? Share your hints and tips here!

26th #Applerecipes Looking for sweet and savoury dishes here please! Yum!

#veganrecipehour roundup Ⓥ