Hello and welcome!

This is the first ever post on the @veganrecipehour blog! (woohoo!)

Thank you to all who took part and thank you to all who have now visited the Blog site! In the next few days, we will publish a condensed version of the ‘Hour’, showing tips and links to the fabulous recipies that were tweeted!

If you dont see yours on the Blog, its probably because we missed it! Just send a DM or tweet us to let us know and we will do our best to add it.

Just a recap of what to do on the night of ‘veganrecipehour’:

Simply look out for the topic chosen. For example, the first one was #squash.

make sure you tweet @veganrecipehour with the #veganrecipehour and the #of the topic ie this time #squash. this, hopefully, will make it easy enough to find you all!



2 thoughts on “Hello and welcome!”

    1. Hiya! We had our first #veganrecipehour last night uk time 8-9pm. look for:
      #veganrecipehour and #squash on twitter for a look!
      if not, watch this space!
      great to hear from you!

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