#lentil theme 28th November 2013

Thank you to all who took part in the last #veganreciepehour! The topic of conversation was #lentils! We had lots and lots of brilliant tips and suggestions. It was great talking to you all!

Lentils can be seen by some, as a bit of a vegan/vegetarian stereotype. I think up to a point, this is a fair one! BUT, the problem is that its so short sighted. Lentils are brilliant! They are filling, versatile, low fat and a great source of protein.

len So, lets get to the important bit! The recipies!!

We had two lovely sugestions for lentil loaves from @fullbelliesOAB#Lentil #redpepper and #courgette loaf‘ and ‘#Lentil and #vegetable loaf‘ from @JasmineTrinity . Lentil loaves are brillant because they can be eaten hot or cold. As part of a main meal, lunch or, my favourite way, sliced in a sandwich with some pickle oh yum!

How about curry? This ‘Butternut #squash and #lentil #curry‘ from @jasminetrinity sounds awesome! @VeganUpNorth suggested this recipe for a Vegetable Dhansak. Or does a gorgeous ‘Red lentil, tomato and chickpea curry with crispy onions‘ take you fancy?

Here is a lovely idea from @ZofPants ‘How about Spanish Lentejas? Brown lentils boiled up with stock, potatoes & carrots. Nice with crusty bread’ A Brilliant idea for these cold evenings! Simple but megga tasty!

Lentils for lunch? @jfitz42Carrot and lentil pate sounds spot on!

Or a wonderful sounding soup suggested by @vegsoup4thesoul ‘spiced #carrot, #bramley #apple and #lentil #soup’ @TheVeggieGreen suggested this super tasty sounding ‘#chickpea and #lentil #stew‘. Or a superb ‘Lentil #bolognaise‘? @foodtoinclude How about a simply stunning ‘Green lentil Mousakka‘!?! Fancy a beautiful vegan ‘Shepherds #pie‘? Looks amazing!! Or a ‘no meat and #potato #pie‘ from @fullbelliesOAB

What a brilliant collection of recipies! thanks Guys!

Dont forget to check out other suggestions shared by looking us up @veganrecipehour on twitter!


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