#veganxmas Starters!

Our theme for Thursday 5th December 2013 was #veganxmas starters. We had lots of lovely ideas and it was great to chat to everyone about their plans! Here are a few of the ideas! You can find more by searching #veganxmas #starters #veganrecipehour @veganrecipehour

Slow Cooker Leek and Potato Soup from the fabulous @veganvox

Here we have a whole menu plan and recipes! Also, a lovely idea Stuffed mushroom from @JasmineTrinity

How about warm avocado halves with red onion, tomato and basil? With, Bruschetta topped with tomato & basil or sheese and chutney? ‘Mango and peach salsa‘ for ‘chips and dips’ ‘Carrot Osso Buco’ sounds super yummy! Spring rolls look amazing!

Take a look at this! ‘12 days of Vegan treats‘!! Check out the Vegan Society for some inspiration: @TheVeganSociety Lots of lovely ideas can be found in the first issue of ‘fresh Vegan magazine’ @freshvegan1


Fancy a truffle instead? Aah, its christmas, go on…….



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