Vegan Comfort food

#veganrecipehour 9th January 2014.

So! Our first VRH of 2014 finally arrived! We took a break over the holidays but still managed to chat a bit!
We hope you had a wonderful time and had some super dooper food.
We sure did, Plenty of Sprouts were eaten!

Our forst theme of the year was #vegancomfortfood.
It was a busy, fast paced hour, which is always great fun to host.
It seems many of us take comfort from dishes such as stews and casseroles. Something hearty and warming on these dark dank winter evenings.
Here is a selection of a few of the recipe ideas that were shared.

Fancy a Pretzel? or a brezel!? @veganupnorth shared these wonderful recipe ideas. Tasty!

‘Spicy Bean Hotpot’ anyone? Thats a fab hearty warming meal if ever I saw one!
from @Lilmissmeatfree

This isnt a recipe but, one of my personal comfort foods is #granovita Pate! I love the stuff! Mmm pate on toast!

Soups are a wonderful way of using up veggies. Come in from a weekend walk down the lanes, cold and hungry….nice big bowl of soup and a hunk of bread to dunk…Perfect!
Three Lentil Soup and a ‘curry in a hurry‘ to use it up!
Raw or cooked, You decide Butternut squash soup
How about a Cauliflower cheeze?!
@JasmineTrinity thank you for your sugestions!

Check out this superb cake! Fat Free pineapple cake How amazing does that look! Yum!
Thank you ‏@VeganStella!

Another super #raw idea. Raw courgette spaghetti recipe!
A lovely colourful and tasty Spiced vegetable stew from @SeasonalShaheen
Or a quick and simple Curried cabbage and sweet potato hash? From @fullbelliesOAB
Smoky sweet potato and black bean salad?

Comfort food doesn’t have to = unhealthy every time!
See you next time!


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