Vegan recipe Hour #Veganburger theme 16th Jan 2014

This has proven quite a difficult theme to write up!

There was some sharing of recipe ideas but, a lot of the conversation was about ingredients.
Questions such as; do you buy tinned or dried pulses?
Do you prefer to make or buy your burgers?
It was really great to chat to everyone and learn about new burger ideas and methods of cooking.
These conversations can easily be caught up on by looking at the #twitter page or looking at #veganrecipehour.

lets start with a fab suggestion from @BRYNFISH  Smoky Bean Burgers  Rye Caraway Rolls.


What can be better than making your own burgers AND the rolls to go with it?! It was suggested that this Super Sauerkraut Slaw would be a superb accompany it. Now thats a really tasty #vegan meal if I ever saw one!
Or how about a Brown rice, beetroot and walnut burger?

like I was saying earlier, a lot of the tips were given in conversation, so its not easy to share that on the blog but, here are a few helpful tips.

@veganrecipehour If I have time we make adzuki bean-burgers otherwise I use granose mix & throw in finely chopped onions or beans & cumin 🙂
Edith VeremuⓋ ‏@edithveremu Jan 16
@veganrecipehour I usually make my own and the black bean or sweet potato ones are my favourite. I even got my family to eat them. No time to make a Burger? create a goodlife ‏@createagoodlife have a fabulous range of #vegan burgers check out their web site!

A very popular recipe was Thai style burgers from @VeganUpNorth with a fabulous 6 re-tweets so far!


More options can be found here and check out these amazing lunch ideas from ‘oh she glows’

it was a fast paced #veganrecipehour!
Thank you everyone!
See you next time!


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