#veganrecipehour 23rd january 2014 #kale and #cabbage theme

The theme of #kale and #cabbage proved to be an extremely popular one. Many, many recipe suggestions were shared, lots of photos tweeted and lots of bellies rumbled!
I think it is fitting to start with these passionate statements!

Luke Berman ‏@lukeberman Jan 23
@veganrecipehour @VeganChatRoom @GourmetVegan I can’t make it tonight but I just wanted to say I LOVE KALE! #veganrecipehour
EasyPeasyNotCheesy ‏@easypeasybnc Jan 23
#veganrecipehour just eat kale!
Alastair ‏@VeganUpNorth Jan 23
@veganrecipehour I love cabbage so much. There, I said it.

I reckon they actually sum up the general consensus on #kale and #cabbage!

Kale has recently become a bit of a ‘vegan stereotype’, its sudden rapid rise in popularity has been amazing!
I was always aware of kale but never really saw it in the shops until recent years (uk) Its a shame we mainly have to buy it chopped up in bags in a supermarket, its all stalk! Why dont they sell it in bunches? Its much nicer that way. I suppose its shelf life. We all know once veggies pass their sell by date that, they instantly become poisonous…… ;o) ahem…*rolls eyes*
I feel sorry for the humble #cabbage as well. Its a bit of a ‘cinderella’ of the veg world. Over cooked for School meals, smelly, watery limp….
But this isnt the way it has to be! A cabbage is so, so versatile! Raw or cooked, it has many uses and the taste is gorgeous! Its great to see more varieties these days in the shops.
Lets have a look at some of the fabulous recipe suggestions we had at #veganrecipehour….

Our first cabbage recipe came in via @vegan_hausfrau ‘Krautfleckerl’ or noodles and cabbage (Austria)
A really different and tasty way of eating it, full bellies all round! Also very much #veganonabudget
Some really lovely suggestions were shared by  ‏@naturalfuelblog  ‘Chickpea and cabbage stew‘ or a tasty Colcannon?
Ever thought about having kale in a Smoothie?
‘Every morning,green smoothie of kale, almond milk, frozen banana, hemp, chia, ginger, coconut oil #veganrecipehour’ from @naturalfuelblog

Thank you to @seasonalShaheen for suggesting the following:
Sea salt and balsalmic vinegar kale (yum!) Brussels sprouts hash (we all agree sprouts are little cabbabes right?) and polenta kale wedges with Chilli and cumin…..


Some more sprout love from@TheFlexitarian ‘curried brussels sprout soup‘ and a really tasty sounding brussels sprout coleslaw with pomegranate.   @TheFlexitarian

This has a really healthy portion of cabbage in it! It sounds divine! ‘sweet potatoes in a cayenne, ginger and groundnut sauce‘ suggested by @GoodStuffSharon.
More cabbage to use up? Try this from @VeganUpNorth ‘Japanese cabbage fritters
Or a ‘Burns night‘ treat from @lilmissmeatfree..
‘curried cabbage and sweet potato hash anyone? @fullbelliesOAB

A bit more Cabbage advice…..
Luke Berman ‏@lukeberman Jan 23
Coming from a Jewish background we braise red cabbage with onion, apple and white wine vinegar. So unbelievably delicious. #veganrecipehour
ChantalⓋ ‏@vegsoup4thesoul Jan 23
Braised red cabbage: add sliced onion, apple, pinch grd cloves, red currant jelly, splash balsamic, red wine n veg stock. #veganrecipehour
http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1827640/red-cabbage-with-balsamic-vinegar-and-cranberries  Mr Fullbellies ‏@BRYNFISH Jan 23
@veganrecipehour Used this recipe at Xmas http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1827640/red-cabbage-with-balsamic-vinegar-and-cranberries … replaced the balsamic vinegar with homemade damson vinegar #veganrecipehour

Lets get back to a bit of Kale with a lovely ‘kale and lentil loaf‘ from @jasminetrinity.

 @lizzdelicious  was spot on when she suggested; @veganrecipehour I thought you might like my Smoky Kale Tacos! We most certainally do!
Or a kale and potato Empenada with a mushroom dipping sauce?! From @fullbelliesOAB
How about trying out  ‘dehydrated kale crackers‘ as suggested by the wonderful @VeganChatRoom

Then the very next day, this article in The independent was published about jut how popular and quite frankly awesome kale is!

How trendy are we huh!
Anyway, thank you for taking part! It was great fun! See you next time!


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