#veganrecipehour 30th january #Dumpdairy theme

Inspired by  a great suggestion by @lukeberman, we decided to go ahead with the theme of #dumpdairy.
It was a great chance to get that hashtag out there a bit more and support viva!
It was a rather busy hour and once again great fun.
Many fabulous recipes were suggested, fabulously illustrating the fact that you simply do not need Dairy products to have great food. It is possible to make what are traditionally dairy rich foods, out of Plant based ingredients! It shows the amazing creativity that vegans have.it really is impressive and something to be proud of. So…what’s your excuse not to #dumpdairy!?! Make the ethical choice today!

I am only including the recipes on the blog but please, catch up with the chat on twitter. Search through the tweets until you get to 30th January 2014. there you can follow conversations and pick up some great tips and advice.

Lets start with this  superbly hearty and warning looking dish from @grnknittinggal in the shape of a White bean pesto millet risotto. Yum!
How about taking a look at this gratain recipe from @veganVoxBlog
Creamy gorgeousness!
What about a quiche!? Is that possible still with a vegan diet? It sure is! Why not give this recipe from @GourmetVegan thats milk, cheese and eggs dumped!
Fancy a nice bowl of soup? This Creamy roasted root vegetable soup from @naturalfuelblog fits the   brief!  A fabulous choice for a cold winters day! @naturalfuelblog. Or a ‘creamy roast cauliflower and garlic’ soup from @fullbelliesOAB how about a ‘Chowder style bake‘!? No cream in sight!
This white sauce recipe was sugested by @VeganStella
This is really handy as well. Its all about how to make creamy rich sauces without the use of any dairy products. Thanks to @VeganChatRoom for the suggestion. Who also suggested this gorgous looking Baked nut cheese
Fussy Belly Green Beans with Cream Sauce recipe was suggested by @RebelWheelsNYC  It sounds really interesting!
Isa Chandra’s Mac and Shews (macaroni cheese) recipe is a great suggestion by @foodtoinclude Who also suggested this cheesecake recipe#. More ‘Cheese‘ information can be found courtesy of the Vegan Society.

That reminds me! Lets not forget the sweet stuff!!

Check out this totally amazing ‘lavender Mocha dream ice cream’ recipe from @lizzdelicious also a fabulous sounding Lavender earl grey iced late!
How scrumptious does this ‘kiwi and lime tarte‘ with crème Patisserie look! Phwoar! from @lilmissmeatfree
This Cookie Pie recipe from @vegsoc National Vegetarian Week was suggested by @flavourphotos who said: ‘It’s amazing!’ It most certainally looks it!
25 amazing vegan ice creams? Dont mind if I do!

To round things up, here are a few quotes from #veganrecipehour that you might find useful. Many many more can be found if you look through the tweets from the night. Thank you once again to every one who participated!

‘TheVeggieGreen ‏@TheVeggieGreen Jan 30
Fav with vegans everywhere is cheeze sauce made w/almond milk,nutritional yeast,flour,salt/pepper, try add miso = gorgeous #veganrecipehour
Favourited by TheVeggieGreen
SarahE ‏@segmentedsarah1 Jan 30 #veganrecipehour Isa Chandra’s “Tofu Mushroom Stroganoff, p130 Isa Does It, uses cashew cream and is so light & delicious. Top recipe!
Potato Strong ‏@PotatoStrong Jan 30
@veganrecipehour I make banana milk every morning with my cereal. Blend 1 banana and 1-2 cups of cold water – so creamy!
rhonda ‏@tikibgood Jan 30
@veganrecipehour strict vegan-the cruelty of the dairy industry is sad.make green smoothie -bananas- soy yoghurt- kale-almond milk-yum!!!
Raz & Daz ‏@RazzleDazzleIce Jan 30
@veganrecipehour Oh yes! Been a steep learning curve, but actually it’s quite easy when you understand. Koko milk is amazing #dumpdairy’


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