#veganrecipehour Thursday 13th Feb 2014 #chocolate #cocoa #carob theme

On Thursday 13th Feb, (aptly one day before Valentines day!) Our theme was ‘Chocolate, cocoa and carob’
A little bit indulgent maybe but, a very popular topic!
We are pleased o say that it was really busy once again and in fact, week on week, we are upping our ‘interactions’ by at least 30 every time, which is amazing!
We are also so proud 9round of applause to all followers) that we have passed the 1000 mark! That is absolutely phenomenal and way beyond any of our hopes or expectations.
It only goes to show that vegan food IS popular IS in demand and IS simply fabulous!! thank you every one, you make this thing work.
Without further ado lets crack on with the recipes! After all, that’s why we are all here!
Here’s is a little round up of some of the recipes shared, remember, there are more to be found by searching in under #veganrecipehour!

lets start off with these awesome ‘Coconut and Oat Biscuits with Chocolate Orange Drizzle’ @VeganVoxBlog
Who also suggested these yummy looking ‘Banana Nut Muffins with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting’

I have to agree with @SianyB23 who shared this photo….



Moo Free‘ Chocolate is absolutely gorgeous! We first tried it at West Midlands Vegfest -(check out this link for UK festivals this year) and were Hooked! its Dairy free, gluten free and totally Vegan! have a look at the Easter eggs!

Anyway! Back to the recipes…

Just take a look at this amazing ‘Raw White Chocolate & Strawberry Marbled ‘Ice Cream’ Cake’ recipe as suggested by @naturalfuelblog What a treat!

i am a bit of a biscuit fan, nice cuppa and a biccie, cant beat it. i was made up when I saw this recipe..’Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies‘ as suggested by @Dorset_vegan. Thank you!!
How about this scrumptious sounding (and  looking) Raw vegan chocolate mousse pie – To be found on the fabulous @MinoValleyFarm website blog.

On my goodness, look t these beautiful photos of these ‘Luxury chocolate mousse cups’ from @flavourphotos the recipe can be found at the bottom of the blog post.
fancy a moreish ‘Double chocolate vegan brownie‘? suggested by @Dorset_vegan/@cymruFigan..yes please, if you are offering!

Another gorgeous Raw recipe sugested by @KerryMacuska ‘Raw Almond Butter Cups with Chocolate Icing’ look superb!

Blackbean brownies!? Who would have thought it?! thank you @PotatoStrong who also suggested this ‘Raw date and almond coconut balls’ recipe which uses cocoa. Gorgeous!
Hungry yet? Chocolate craving much!!?!
This is merely a snapshot of what went on, please, if you have a chance, take a look through the tweets for more recipes, tips and advice on Chocolate for vegans!
Every feel you are missing out being vegan?

Heck no!!


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