#veganrecipehour 20th February 2014 #avocado theme

When we first chose Avocado for the theme, we weren’t too sure how popular it would be. Avocado can be a tricky beast to tame. ‘When do I know if its ripe?’ ‘how do I get it to ripen?’ ‘What do I do with the green rock on my fruit bowl?’ And that just me wondering that!
Thank you to @HassAvocados for joining us and giving us some great advice! Here is a great link about how to pick and buy Avocados also some superb advice regarding storing them. Including how to freeze them! Did you even know that was possible?
One handy piece of advice is to put your avocados with bananas and apples to ripen. This is because they release ethylene gas, which aids the ripening process!

So, why should we be eating Avocados? Check out this for some superb nutritional information. 6 facts about amazing Avocados!

@VeganbnbT  was making us all envious telling us about the abundance of avocados and not having to wait for them to ripen…Im typing this as the heavens have once again opened here in the UK and its raining very hard AGAIN! There was even an avocado inspired Facebook post. I want to go just to eat avocados now!
We were lucky to have both sweet and savoury recipes suggested. this one really caught my eye! ‘Aztec truffles‘ recommended by @crrome. There are definitely going to be made in our house! Thank you to @Jewishvegsoc for suggesting this recipe for ‘Raw Chocolate Ganache Tart’ Totally yummy and decadent!

Avocado is used a lot in Raw recipes, it is hugely useful in dishes such as this ‘Raw chocolate Mousse‘ recommended by @LukeBerman. Interestingly, the recipe originates from Sheryl Crow’s cookbook ‘If It Makes You Healthy’ (2012) Whilst not a vegan book, it does offer some interesting healthy vegetable based recipes. Here are a few more examples if you are interested.

How about a fail safe guacamole recipe? Perfect accompanyment to your guacamole? from @PotatoStrong Nacho chips and bean dip recipe. Or make it anto a feast with the addition of this from @lilmissmeatfree!  ‘Avocado, bean and roquito chili salsa wraps’.
Check out this tasty looking serving suggestion from @vegsoup4thesoul (website), who also suggested ‘Avocado goujons baked in panko breadcrumbs’! Fascinating idea isn’t it!?
We had some superb suggestions from @Kerrymacuska this recipe is ‘Raw Sushi rolls with raw cauli rice’. Gorgeous! Or how about this really interesting recipe for #raw #vegan zucchini noodles with minty avocado kale dressing!

As always, we need a soup recipe! Spicy kale and Avocado Kelp noodle soup. from @VegSweetSimple.

I also like to put in some direct quotes from #veganrecipehour itself. Her are some more suggestions and recommendations from our wonderful participants.

@ChubbaNia blend 2 avocados 400 ml cream (coconut, oat, soya) 130g icing sugar freeze for 5 hours – ice cream’

@KerryMacuska Does anyone put #avocado in their smoothies? sometimes when we are felling really naughty we add avocado to our banana, spinach and strawberry smoothies!

@BRYNFISH I like avocado on sandwiches with mango chutney, mustard, cashews, and lollo rosso, I eat avocados about 3 times a week, slightly obsessed with their yummyness for lunch’

@IdaRunkle Cut #Avocado in half, remove stone, pop olive oil & lemon/balsamic vinegar into hole& voila! – quickest meal in the world!’

‘‏@lukeberman I know it’s boring but I love avocados by cutting in half & filling the hole with balsamic vinegar, eat right out skin’ (soo not boring!)

@foodtoinclude avocado in baguette with sliced tomato, basil & vegan mayo. Has to be just right amount of ripe though’

We hope you found some things you like and fancy making! Please let us know if you do!

Thank you again everyone! xVRHx



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