#veganrecipehour Thursday 27th february 2014 Sweet #glutenfree recipe theme

Thank you again one and all for another fun, busy and interesting #veganrecipehour!
This week, the topic of conversation was  SWEET #glutenfree vegan food. Ideal preparation for pancake day!
We are pleased to report that it was a really hectic hour of trading recipes and picking up information, tips and hints about GF cooking for vegans.
Gltuen is defined as: ‘a mixture of two proteins present in cereal grains, especially wheat, which is responsible for the elastic texture of dough’ (google)
But how exactly does this translate into your life and why do some people need to cut it from their diet? Here is some very useful (and accurate!) information from @coeliac_UK about a gluten free diet.  we also found this article informative; 5 things to know about #gluten
So, lets get started with the good stuff! Cupcakes are a great start We think! ‘Vanilla Cupcakes‘ made with a really interesting Gluten free flour blend. thank you @themisfitbaker!
How about a ‘Maple syrup pancake‘ as suggested by @Dorset_vegan who also suggested the following fab recipes!
‘No flour Blackbean Brownies‘ and these totally yummy sounding ‘Date squares‘ These contain #oats. ‘Can I eat oats on a GF diet?’ seems a frequently asked question. Here is some very helpful information on the subject.
This lovely recipe was found and shared by @AmyLGD ‘gluten free fluffy pancakes’ I’m thinking a perfect topping would be a dollop of homemade ‘nutella‘?  Courtesy of @myfridgie or the wonderful ‘Donuts’ featured below! Yum!

Have you ever heard of or used ‘Amaranth?’ I have’nt personally (yet!) but, I will certainally be purchasing some asap after reading this as suggested by @drinkCOGO Look at all those fab recipes! I personally like the look of ‘Pumpkin Pie Amaranth Porridge
and this super tasty sounding ‘Cardamom vanilla porridge
These ‘Peppermint creams’ look superb! They are also Refined sugar free, raw and vegan! Thank you @KidsRawRecipes
Talking of looking superb, how about this recipe for ‘Cranberry White Chocolate Hazelnut Muffins’?! courtesy of @VegSweetSimple.
Gorgeous ‘coconut maple and cherry Flapjacks‘ anyone? Yes please…cup of tea…film on…

We would also like to give a quick shout out to ‘El Piano‘ We love this restaurant! The UK one is in York and is not only Vegan but also #glutenfree. It was really exciting to find out that they cater for @VeganbnbT  and  creative cooking weekend classes! Check out their website for further information.
@Niachubba shared this picture with us  Like the sound of GF Vegan Oreo style cookies? Well, Cheshire based company @Foodamentalists have it covered!

The Foodamentalists have developed an amazing and impressive range of Gluten free, Wheat free mixes. There are many stockists listed but also luckily an online shop.  If you don’t live close enough to one. Happy shopping!

Please check out @veganrecipehour (27th Feb) for more links to wonderful recipes and information! I’m off to make a cake……..


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