#sweetpotato theme 6th march 2014


Thursday 6th March theme was #sweetpotato!

I personally adore them. It turns out that you guys are rather partial to them as well!
Lets start, as always, with the nutritional value of Sweet potatoes. This page is really useful!
Need any more convincing? Here are Nine reasons to eat them!!

This picture is fascinating! have you ever seen so much variety! I wish the shops stocked more of this funky veg!


Sweet potatoes are rather versatile and can be used in many different dishes. One of my favourite (and easy!) ways to have them is to cut them into wedges, coat in sweet chilli sauce, a few mustard seeds and snipped fresh rosemary. Bake them with a little oil in the oven until they are soft (and sticky!) yum yum!! I also love to use it to top a ‘shepherds pie’. Ever tried cooking (steaming in the microwave in a bowl covered in clingfilm) with half a lime? Them mush it up with chopped chilli and a dollop of mango Chutney? (Thank you Jamie Oliver!) You dont even have to peel it!
Its also superb as a jacket potato!

Lets have a loo at some of your wonderful recipe suggestions, how about this from @jasmineTrinity  Mac ‘n’ Cheese! How yummy and comforting does that look!
Thank you to @Vegandicso for suggesting this recipe!
Fancy a Pasta dish? This sounds very yummy! ‘Sweet potato Vegan Alfredo

Thank you to @CymruFigan for guiding us towards this link for sweet potato ideas.
I mentioned ‘Shepherds Pie’ earlier…here is a great link to a sweet potato topped one! Thank you @Eating_Veggie!
How about ‘Sweet potato, black bean and Chickpea Chilli!?’ from @TheFlexitarian.
Who also suggested ‘beetroot, Sweet potato, orange and Pistachio salad‘, ‘Jerusalem Artichoke, carot and sweet potato soup‘ or ‘sweet potato pancakes!’
How about a ‘sweet potato crisps!’ Suggested by @RawVeganista!
Or an amazing looking raw Sweet potato/courgette ‘pasta!? Yum!

@VeganDisco posted  a ‘sweet potato pudding‘  from ‘The Rasta Cookbook’ Thank you!
How about a lovely simply low sugar sweet potato pie recipe? Thanknyou to @ChubbaNia for suggesting this:…
;’@veganrecipehour blend 425g cooked sweet potato, 240ml milk, 100g maple syrup, 3 tbsp cornstarch. Pour into pie shell bake @ 180 for an hour’

Sounds superb doesn’t it!

Thank you everyone once again for taking part. it was great fun. Don’t forget you can also look back over tweets for each night to discover more hints, tips and fab recipes!

Just to round up, here are some ‘snippets’ from the night itself……


@VeganNeil Add chunks of #sweetpotato in a bean chilli for a lovely flavour contrast. Found this one in an airline meal years back’

‘@AmyLGD I had some lovely homemade Sweet potato chips & Veg for my tea SOO Easy to do! And YUMMY!

‏’@CoconutKitchens  Make own relish: Chopped onion+crushed chillies+Desiccated Coconut+ squeeze of lemon WITH boiled Sweet Potato’

@GoodStuffSharon I love sweet potato in savoury dishes, especially creamy curries & blended smooth in Thai spiced soups’

@yogivegetarian Hi Good to be back here again 🙂 Sweet potatoes rock! Try baked with hazelnut butter…’

‘@ZoeAnderson  Baked #sweetpotato with chopped fresh tomatoes and scallions topped with hot sauce. Heaven!


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