#veganbreakfast theme 13th March 2014

Thursday 13th March #veganrecipehour theme was all about the #Veganbreakfast!

It was a 100% mouthwatering affair with many scrumptious suggestions that left my belly rumbling!

I personally like to have Muesli for week day breakfasts. I mix different sized oats and add whatever seeds, nuts, dried fruits I have at the time. Keep it in a big bag and have a handful with some Soya or Almond milk each morning. The weekend is a different matter! In our house we like to have a ‘special’ breakfast on at least one of the days. Tofu scramble is a top choice with maybe a sausage or two or mushrooms etc. Or maybe some home made crumpets with home made jam yum yum! On a warmer day maybe some ‘overnight oats’ with fresh fruit. To be honest the choices are endless and all as totally tasty as each other. We vegans are spoilt for choice! A tasty vegan #crueltyfree Breakfast? What better way to start the day!

Here is a selection of the amazing recipes and ideas from he night itself.

Smoothies proved to be a popular way to start the day. A handy tasty drink packed full of goodness! (Be careful of the sugar content if you are adding sweetness) We had some yummy suggestions, here is a selection:

Heavenly Organics @heavenlyskin suggested this tasty smoothie:

‘Breakfast smoothly 1 organic banana organic& 1/3 tin mango & coconut mylk to desired consistency. Whizz up. Delicious’

Thank you to @vegsoup4thesoul  who told us how they like to start the day with:

‘Fave b’fast smoothie: almond milk, soya yoghurt, bananas, walnuts, agave syrup 🙂 Throw it all in, blitz’

Thank you to @theFlexitarian for this totally tropical suggestion! ‘Tropical protein smoothie’

On a similar theme how about this ‘Easy ‘Banana Milk’ recipe (for cereal) from @PotatoStrong  who also suggested this yummy ‘Fat free wholewheat Pancake’ recipe.

Raw breakfast ideas? How about this one? ‘Apple cinnamon porridge‘ and a fascinating like to ‘raw vegan butter‘ thank you @RawVeganista for that suggestion.

Another Porridge suggestion from @TheFlexitarian but this time, its for ‘Quinoa Porridge‘ with banana and walnuts. Yum!

Check out this mammoth sized Breakfast from @VeganDicso! Cor blimey! I’d give it a good go! They also shared this photograph!  ‘Fry up. ‘Shrooms, Avocado, Tomato, Kale & a couple of Lindas  I have to admit, I really like Linda McCartney sausages and find them pretty versatile. What’s even better is that they are frequently on offer in the shops! #veganonabudget! Tempeh is gorgous for a breakfast, here it is wonderfully demonstrated.Thank You! Food to make your Mouth water!

Another tasty cooked breakfast from @FlavourPhotos ‘ Scrambled tofu with vegan chorizo, spring onions and tomatoes’ Who helpfully added a little advice on making scrambled Tofu:

Add salt, pepper, garlic- granules or fresh, paprika, tiny bit of turmeric for colour and anything else you like!’

Another suggestion for a #tofuscramble recipe came from @PotatoStrong  Who likes to add peppers and Onions to his. @theFlexitarian adds #Nutritionalyeast to theirs.

How tasty does this look and sound!? ‘Crispy potato Rosti with Herby bean mash tweeted by @NaturalFuelBlog. Gorgeous!

Thank you to @PaulsMaier for this suggestion of ‘Best Healthy Breakfast cookies‘ Sticking with a sweet theme, these ‘Heavenly Hazelnut pancakes‘ look like they live up to their name! Thank you @vegsoup4thesoul! Be sure to have a browse through their ’30 #Vegan breakfast ideas to get out of bed for!’ What a sacrifice that must have been, eating all of that food hey! Hehe!

‘Banana Pancake‘? Ah, seeing as you are offering! @myfridgie shared his recipe for ‘Sweet jam pockets’

Make sure to check out @VeganVox’s Scrumptions seven, yes you heard it! SEVEN Vegan Breakfast suggestions! (Search with #veganrecipehour for their photographs). Here are a couple to whet your appetite:

Tasty suggestions such as ‘Sausage and hashbrown roll’ (here) ‘Cranberry and Oat bagel’ (here) Or how about ‘Banana Nut Muffins with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting‘ for a totally decadent breakfast!

To round up with, here are a couple of tweets that caught my eye. Thank you to everyone who participated. It was a great hour once again! See you next time!

@vegsoup4thesoul Fave savoury b’fast: Toasted olive bread, hummus, avocado slices, fresh tomatoes, lemon, black pepper & cress’

@vegsoup4thesoul Fave porridge: 400g Soya/Almond/Oat ‘milk’ & 70-80g oats, simmer gently til thick, add agave/rice syrup + delish toppings’

@ChubbaNia Granola 300g oats, 165g pecans, 100g maple syrup, 120ml olive oil, 1tsp salt. Stir bake for 45 mins @ 15


3 thoughts on “#veganbreakfast theme 13th March 2014”

  1. Great job putting all these links to together. During veganrecipehour my phone and ipad are going crazy beeping with retweets and favourites! Can you make my twitter name clickable above please? @PotatoStrong Thanks!

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