#rhubarb theme 8th may 2014

Welcome to the #veganrecipehour round up! The theme for Thursday 8th May was #Rhubarb. It was really interesting reading how we all use it and quite often, wished we used it more! We are smack bang in season so, what better way to celebrate than eating it!

ImageA little bit about Rhubarb... It turns out that Rhubarb or Rheum rhabarbarum,has quite a history. Earliest records date back to China in 2700 BC where it was primarily grown for its medicinal qualities. It has (although I have never used it) the nickname ‘Pie Plant’ because it is so popular as a pie filling. A man called Ben Franklin is accredited with bringing the seeds to North American east coast in 1772.

Why should I be eating it? Rhubarb is hight in dietary #fibre, #calcium, Vitamin K, zinc and magnesium to name a few! Find out 20 more benefits here!  Thank you to @VeganDisco for sharing this live photo!

Lets have a look at some recipes that were shared on the night.

One really popular choice was a traditional #rhubarbcrumble take a look at this recipe from @jfitz45 Lovely hey!? Thank you to @wrapedinpaper for this #crumble recipe. Plus some lovely photos!

@DeanFarmTrust were telling us about making rhubarb cordial. They advised us to ‘Simmer rhubarb and little sugar, strain. Serve with fizzy water‘ Definately giving that a go! A similar idea came in from @elenabedford who told us about making ‘#rhubarb #juice’. Their advice is to ‘Simmer rhubarb, water and ginger until rhubarb is soft, strain, chill and serve! @VeganDisco told us about having rhubarb cooked in #yorkshirepudding, sprinkled with sugar for desert! It actually sounds rather tasty! Kinda like a thick pancake..This will have to be tried!

Thank you to @theflexitarian for sharing this lovely recipe for ‘rhubarb fool #chia pudding’ ooh! @theflexitarian shared this tasty sounding idea ‘Favourite combo with rhubarb = banana, ginger, strawberry, cinnamon, saffron, vanilla. made a lovely rhubarb/ banana jam‘ Talking about #jam, here sis a lovely Rhubarb and #vanilla #jam recipe.

@slowcookeryclub shared a favourite #jam flavour blend ‘Summertime means strawberry-rhubarb cardamom jam. End of rhubarb season lines up w/beginning of strawberries here. Perfect!‘ Thats one I have not tried! (yet!)

Many thanks to @vegsoup4thesoul for sharing their recipe for ‘#roast rhubarb with #vanilla and #lemon’ tasty! Or how about  ‘rhubarb and #custard #icecream‘?! Dont mind if I do…

A big thank you to @veganFoodChat for sharing their recipe for ‘#lemon #berry #rhubarb #cupcakes’! Ooh very nice!

Lets not forget its also possible to cook savoury dishes!

Thank you to @veganneil for sharing this curry recipe I must try this! On a similar note is this recipe for ‘#indian spiced #lentils with #spinach and #rhubarb’ Very interesting! Rhubarb #pickle?. Sounds like a tasty vegan Feast!

Please take a peek at twitter for more ideas and chat!

And of course, here is the best type of #Rhubarb…



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