#homemadevegan theme 5th June 2014

Something a bit different this time. The topic of conversation was #homemadevegan. We were looking for your favourite recipes and suggestions for homemade condiments, chutneys pickles, sauces etc. You (once again) did not let us down! We were absolutely spoiled for choice!

Lets take a look at the Savoury side of things.

This recipe for ‘Sweet Chilli Sauce’ from @Vegsoup4thesoul is great! Perfect for dipping a tasty spring roll into! next are two lovely recipes for Chutneys from @YogivegetarianNo sugar cranberry ginger chutney’ and a super tasty ‘Fiery Green Tomato, Lemon and Chilli Chutney’ How about a super tasty ‘Beetroot and apple chutney‘ from @fullbelliesOAB. Or a lovely ‘Onion Jam‘ (savory of course!) from @Ephemerienne, who also brought us this recipe for ‘Hot pepper Puree‘ Thank you!

Fancy some ‘Pickled Cucumber‘? I love pickled cucumber! So nice with… everything! thank you @Facelessfood!

We were extremely lucky to have two marvelous recipes for ‘Kimchi’ This one *Kimchi*  from @veganupNorth and another *Kimchi* recipe from @YogiVegetarian! 

This is a lovely recipe for ‘Dill Mayonaise‘ from @emisgoodeating. Fancy a fab ‘BBQ sauce” for on the burger or for a ‘Chip dip’? Look no further!  @greedyvegangirl. How amazing is this ‘Blueberry Ketchup‘ from @ChubbaNia!

Lets have a little look at some sweet recipes:

This ‘Lemon marmalade‘ From @FacelessFood sounds divine!

This is a brilliant quick and simple ‘Raw Jam’ recipe from @demassacre 

‘Raw jam: 1 cup berries, tbsp flax, tbsp chia, drop of lemon, drop of vanilla and blend for 30 seconds :)’


Something a little different? Why not try a ‘Green tomato Jam‘ as suggested by @theFlexitarian or a decadent treat of ‘Caramel sauce‘…..Oh go on then, if you insist……hehe! This is beautiful recipe for ‘Nectarine Curd’ brought to us by @veganupnorth sounds so, so yummy!

This section, I have decided to call ‘others’ They are all #homemadevegan recipes that were suggested on the night they are too Fabulous to leave out!

Lets start with a ‘Sundried Tomato Hummus‘ from @greedyvegangirl.Salt perfumed with balsalmic vinegar‘ from @Ephemerienne. Whatabout a super tasty ‘Potato Salad with Thick Tofu Dressing‘ from @Yogivegetarian. This ‘Cashewnut cream‘ sounds absolutely amazing! I cant wait to try it on some fresh fruit! thank you @theflexitarian! Here is a fab recipe for  ‘Lemonbalm,Ginger and Pumpkin seed pate‘ brilliant! my Lemonbalm is huge this year! Cheers! @trinityBourne. Last, but not least, here are two great recipes from the every wonderful @lilmissmeatfreeSalsa’ and an every so tasty ‘Cooler Dip‘ for spicy Jerk seasoned Potato chips! Wowee!

I told you didn’t I! What a fab array of #homemadevegan thing to make!




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