#Rawvegan Theme 12th June 2014


The #rawvegan theme was amazing! (even if I do say so myself!) I am personally (or was before this!) a total novice when it comes to this subject and was looking forward to en educational hour. I was not let down! Only problem is… what do I make first!!

A raw vegan diet is defined as on that ‘Excludes all food and products of animal origin, as well as food cooked at a temperature above 48°C (118°F) (link) What can be eaten then? Well, all sorts reallyl! Nuts, grains, veggies, pulses. There more or less always seems to be a #raw way of doing it! There are many methods of preparing food as well Soaking, Sprouting, dehydrating, blending, fermenting, pickling and juicing are all acceptable methods.

We were lucky to have @RawVeganista educating us on the subject. They have consumed a Raw #plantbased diet for over 8 yrs so, its safe to say they know a thing or two! Just take a look at this. The contents of their #rawvegan fridge! YUM!


We were also treated to a LIVE cookery demo by @VeganChatRoom! They made some amazing looking (and sounding) ‘#Raw sesame fudge‘ Follow these Photos for progress! 1 2  3  and the finished article!  It looks amazing doesn’t it!?

Thank you to @dear_kitchen for this  totally yummy recipe for ‘Valentines day Mousse‘. i cant wait to go shopping to get he ingredients for that!

How about ‘Raw Mint Brownies‘ from the always amazing @Ephemerienne#Raw #strawberry #pie‘  or a ‘#raw keylime #pie‘ I shall definately be trying those out!

#Mango #Chia pudding‘ sounds superb! @TheFlexitarian. How about a decadent treat brought to us by @dear_kitchen #raw #chocolate #cakeoh wow!I dont mind if I do…! Fancy a ‘Mini #RawVegan #Chocolate #Cheesecake‘? I know I do! From @SlowCookeryClub. Or a totally stunning ‘#raspberry #cheesecake‘ brought to us by @monicashaw.

Mmm ‘#chocolate #brownies#’ from @VeganTrinity, yes please! And a Brilliant step by step video guide on how to make ‘#raw vegan #choclolate‘! Oh my! Or, #raw #chocolate and #blueberry lovehearts‘. Yes, yes and erm…yes please!

Why not give these amazing ‘#carrot #cake #donuts‘ a go? Dont they look gorgeous!? Thank you also to @VeganChatRoom for sharing one of their favourites ‘#raw #chocolate mousse


This recipe is fascinating! I must try it one day soon. ‘#Raw Vegan ‘#butter‘? @rawveganista

Thank you to @TheFlexitarian for sharing this recipe for ‘Celeriac Remoulade With Carrots‘ or an amazing ‘#cashew #creamcheese’!?  This is a fascinating recipe for ‘#carrot leaf #pesto‘ from @TheFlexitarian. #lovefoodhatewaste! (I would personally swap the cheese for #nutritional yeast or leave it out, unless you want to add a Vegan cheese of course. ‘Brussels #Sprouts #Coleslaw With #Pomegranates‘ and a yummy ‘#Fennel, #Radish and #Pea Mint #Salad’

Why not try a legendary ‘#zoodle’ recipe? This one from @apriltui sounds lush! Or a lovely ‘Moroccan-Style #Carrot and Beet #Salad’ shared by @SlowCookeryClub. Thank you again to @vegantriniry for this suggestion of ‘#walnut, #turmeric sundried #tomato #salad‘ And another gorgeous recipe from @Rawveganista#raw vegan hard shell #tacos‘ Just fabulous!

We even have a drink for you to try thanks to @apriltui#Raw #elderflower cordial and Champagne‘ Whats even more fab is, you can use it for this #cheesecake recipe! How Fab is that!

Thank you to every one who shared these amazing recipes and also to every one who participated on the night!

Please check out @veganrecipehour for more gorgeous vegan foodie tweets!

2 thoughts on “#Rawvegan Theme 12th June 2014”

  1. wow, so many were shared! It was a busy hour huh! Thanks for all the shares of my recipes. I look forward to picking up some Kohl Rabi tips tonight 🙂 I pretty much just use it for salads, so it would be good to see what others do.

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