#veganrecipehour themes for July 2014

#veganrecipehour themes for July 2014

3rd July: #Juicing and #Smoothies

10th July: #Salads

17th July: #Quinoa With special guests @BritishQuinoa

24th July: Indian food

31st July: Decadent Deserts (@lilmissmeatfree will be the face behind #Veganrecipehour on this night)

See you there!!



2 thoughts on “#veganrecipehour themes for July 2014”

  1. Can’t wait- we ‘ll all have our fave salads, smoothies and juices to share, the quinoa will be awesome- British-sourced quinoa has to be the caring way forward for the peoples of South America whose crops we price out by our demand. And everyone loves Indian food, so easily made vegan- that should be a memorable one! You picked the perfect host for the desserts theme too, judging by her fabulous blog posts. Seems to me this whole thing is going from strength to strength- ever thought about doing a book? Maybe even ink and paper not just an e-book? Thanks again for brightening my Thursday evenings and long may we all tweet 🙂

    1. Thats so kind! I’m really excited about these themes too! Im away on the 31st so, happily lil miss has offered to fill in. Im hoping (funding permitting) to have a propper web site at some point as we are rapidly creating a really great database of themed recipes. I’m a bit shy at asking for sponsorship though. I think once we go over 3k followers, we may be able to attract some. :O)

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