#Apple theme thursday 26th June 2014

‘An #Apple a day keeps the doctor away’ You must have heard that saying? Where did this saying come from? Why is this? What’s so special about an apple?

Upon investigating, I discovered a 18th Century saying from ‘Notes and Queries magazine’

“A Pembrokeshire proverb. Eat an apple on going to bed, And you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.”

Meaning, eating apples keeps you away from seeing your GP!

Apples contain a helpful dose of #VitaminC (around 15% of your RDA) this helps to boost your immune system. They also help to clean your teeth! In the 18th Century, there wasn’t the level of dental hygiene we have now! Apples are also low in calories, each fresh fruit contains around 50 calories with zero #cholesterol. One apple also on average will contain 22% of your RDA of dietary #fiber, keeping you regular!

Here is my apple tree in my garden. (taken from the window where I’m currently writing this) i believe it is a russet type. They are lovely tasting eaters. Ps i know the lawn needs cutting. We have had loads of baby frogs recently and didn’t want to squish them!ImageAn apple is also an amazing portable snack. I really enjoy a nice sweet crunchy apple to stop those in between meal cravings. My Dad is very partial to a stuffed apple. Remove the core, stuff the space with dried fruit, cinnamon and sugar to taste. Maybe a lump of marzipan in there too, then bake in the oven until the apple is soft. Lovely with cream, custard or ice cream. A really inexpensive but super tasty dessert!

Its time to have a look at some of the amazing suggestions from the night itself!

Hello to @MarchpaneMedlar and thank you for suggesting this fabulous recipe for ‘Seasonal #Fruit #Tart’ Very tasty indeed! The lovely @FlavourPhotos shared this beautiful recipe (use #vegan alternatives) for ‘#Apple #rose #tarts’ Also for these gorgeous ‘umbrellas on a sunny day’ ‘Zebra ice lollies‘ (no Zebras were hurt in the making or eating of these lollies hehee!)

Many thanks to @vegan_hausfrau for this yummy ‘#apple and #springonion salad’. @PaulYoud once again shared some lovely ideas, ‘Simple #apple #pie’ ‘#marzipan and #apple #tartlets’  and you can also use #apple #puree in these ‘healthy #Dougnuts’ Yum!!

A big thank you once again to @TheFlexitarian for this selection of amazing #apple recipes. Some their own and some of their favorites by other recipe creators. ‘#apple #walnut and #raisin #bread‘ ‘Jerusalem #artichoke #celeriac #apple #soup’caramelized #apple #risotto‘ ‘#coconut #tofu #curry‘ (with apple) ‘Braised red #cabbage with apples‘ ‘#Quinoa #salad with #avocado, #apple and #beetroot‘ 

Thank you to @VeganFoodChat for their suggestion of ‘#apple #fennel #seitan dogs‘ from the ever awesome @veganyackattack 100% yum!. @RawVeganista was once again generous and shared some recipes. This one for ‘#raw #apple #cinnamon #porridge’ sounds yummy and how fabulous are these ‘#raw vegan #caramel apples‘!!?! fab!  @OurLizzy shared a lovely recipe for ‘Vegan Malvern #puddinghttp://www.ourlizzy.com/recipe-vegan-malvern-pudding.htm How tasty does that look! The lovely @lilmissmeatfree  also shared a couple of her recipes. Here are ‘Bramley apple #fritters with #toffee sauce#’ and a tasty ‘#beetroot and apple #soup‘. Last but not least, thank you to @VeganStella for this suggestion of a totally tasty ‘#Polenta and Apple #flan’ 

What a wonderful collection!

Thank you once again to everyone who participated. it was another speedy hour wasn’t it! A real #vegancommunity affair.

There were of course many more tweets on the day. Have a look at our twitter feed @veganrecipehour for more tasty-gorgeousness!


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