#vegfestUK awards

I am absolutely bowled over that we have been nominated in the #bestBlog catagory!
I’m also really proud of everyone else who has been nominated in all of the Catagories. It shows that there is an amazing choice out there and so many amazing people doing such great work in the name of veganism.

vrhpicIts also fab as well because you can vote for more than one nominee!
Why should you vote for us? (PS I say we and us because even though its just me, VRH is a #vegancommunity effort during the hour)
Well, Im one person doing my very best to promote all this amazing #vegan food and all of you fabulous Vegan #bloggers.
The philosophy of vegan Recipe Hour is one of ‘Inclusivity not Exclusivity’.  We wont ask why you are vegan, for how long, or indeed if you are 100% Vegan. We also wont pick holes in your food choices. Its up to you what you eat and how you eat it! BUT one thing is for sure, all of the recipes included have no Animal or animal derived products in them. Its all about showing the world what its possible to eat when you choose to eat a #plantbased #vegan diet.
I really enjoy dedicating each thursday evening to VRH and having a rumbling tummy afterwards!
A vote for me/us would be amazing but, we are already winners just through being nominated!
Kathryn xxx

You can vote here: http://www.vegfest.co.uk/vote



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