#smoothies and #juicing theme Thursday 3rd July 2014

The theme for Thursday 3rd July was #smoothies and #juicing. We had an awesome response once again!

Here is a selection of some of the amazing suggestions from the night plus a few quotes that I thought were extra helpful……

Lets start with this lovely selection from @yogivegetarian.

 A great way to start your day! ‘A Breakfast Supersmoothie‘which is not only vegan but also, sugar free. This is a fascinating idea. Its calles a ‘Chia Fresca– Mexican lemonade with added pizazz’ How exciting does that look?! Or how about a ‘Mint Green Avocado Kale Smoothie‘ or a really great ‘Beetroot, celery, apple and ginger juice‘ What a great selection!

Take a look at this fantastic collection of smoothies shared by @VegSweetSimple! How Fabulous is that group? Look at the colours! The lovely @lilmissmeatfree shared her suggestion of making your smoothies into ice pops! Why not try this ‘Strawberry, coconut and Lime‘ recipe! yummy! This ‘Raw Chocolate, Banana Energy Shake‘ from @GoodStuffSharon sounds superb! Many thanks to @apriltui for her suggestion of a ‘Pear, Almond & Coconut Green Smoothie‘ Sounds Lush!

Hello and thank you once again to @TheFlexitarian for their suggestions, here are some of them:Fancy trying this great recipe for a ‘Kiwi Banana Orange Vitamin C Protein Smoothie‘?  Or a tangy ‘Tropical Protein Smoothie‘! How about a creamy belly hugging ‘Strawberry & Avocado Protein Smoothie‘ Wowee!

Whats that? You want #chocolate? Sorted! Give this ‘Dark Chocolate smoothie bowl‘ a go from @ShonalikaTilak!?

Welcome once again to @RawVeganista who shared some of their recipes. This one comes via @LoraxCommunity (Please check them out when you have a chance, they do amazing work!) Its called a ‘Cheriavolada‘ You have got to check it out with a cool name like that! How about trying a nice ‘Sunny Citrus and Cilantro Cooler‘ for those balmy summer evenings. Talking of cool names, how about a ‘Fiery Dragon Orange-asm‘ Surely you cant resist a peek at that one!!

This article was shared by @FabGiovanetti Its title is ‘How to survive 5 days of juices (and not make a fuss about it)’ you may find it of use. Thank you for sharing.

It’s a while since I used direct quotes but, in this case, there were soooo many and they are all useful, I couldn’t not!

@MadelineHelsing:’blend coconut water, lemon juice and watermelon to make hydrating watermelon lemonade!’
@VeganDiaries: ‘I make my favorite smoothie with rice milk, pear and fresh ginger. a nice summer bite!’I have been using mint on all my smoothies after I bought a mint plant. addicted!!’

@SlowClubCookery: ‘Frozen bananas, strawberries, raw pb & cacao nibs. Can be ice cream or a smoothie! (pic) ‘Summer fruit smoothies… just berries, agave syrup and optional coconut milk for a creamy version (pic)

@EastBayBaggins: ‘I’ve been making goji, chia, hemp and blueberry smoothies with cocoa and spirulina…quite yummy’

@vegsoup4thesoul: ‘Banana,walnut,maple smoothie[2]: Blend: 300ml almond milk,1 large banana, 10 walnuts, 1 tbsp maple syrup, 1 tbsp hemp seeds’. ‘Green apple & kiwi juice [2]: 2 green apples, ½ cucumber, 2 kiwi fruits, ½ lemon, 2cm fresh ginger’ (pic) ‘Summer berry smoothie [2]: 2 bananas, 110g silken tofu, 350ml orange juice, 400g frozen berries’. (pic) ‘And finally – this little collection makes a delicious juice 🙂 (pic)

@Veganbnd; ‘Ginger ale juice, sounds gross, works well! Grate ginger, lime skin, add fresh mint, mime juice, fizzy water, agave, strain’

Penny @PGtippingsJul 3

@PGtippins:’2 frozen nanas, almond milk, heaped spoon of cocoa powder & peanut butter, top with melted choc- choc & PB sundae smoothie!’

@MarchpaneMedlar: ‘Summer fruit smoothies… just berries, agave syrup and optional coconut milk for a creamy version’

What an absolutely superb selection of ideas!

Thank you all for sharing and see you again next time!


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