#Quinoa theme 17th July 2014

We had a fascinating night talking about #quinoa last #veganrecipehour. Thank you very much to @BritishQuinoa for joining us and answering some of our questions and chatting with us!

The hour was filled with lots of #Quinoa focused chat. So much was talked about! From Quinoa leaves (eaten in salads and sandwiches), Quinoa Tea, puffed quinoa, quinoa milk, learning that if you find it a little ‘bland’ then cook it in some stock, sprouting Quinoa, puffed Quinoa, Quinoa porridge (and here) and so much more! You can catch up with the chat by looking at 17th July on @veganrecipehour.

Ever wondered what #Quinoa looks like when its growing? This photo of @BritishQuinoa‘s solitary red headed Quinoa is absolutely beautiful! It would look wonderful in my garden! (all attempts to hint it should be in my garden failed sadly ;o)) Here are some of the actual grains  which are coming along nicely. Check out this amazing photograph too! Many more photographs and helpful information can be found on their Twitter account.

Courtesy of @BritishQuinoa.
Courtesy of @BritishQuinoa.

It turns out #Quinoa is actually pretty good for you! It packs a punch with #vitamins B1. B2 and B3 which are great for your hair as well as A, C and E which are great for your immune system. Its #glutenfree and has a really helpful amount of #Fibre. Its Hight #Protein and has all 20 amino acids! Its got #calcium and #magnesium plus many more amazing things making it a truly ‘Super’ food!

Have you ever seen #Quinoa chips/crisps before? They look like something I would like for sure! Thank you to @lovesusiestars for sharing.

We were excited to see  some #Burger recipes. @SeasonalShaheen suggests her ‘#Parsnip and #Quinos #burger‘ or how about a tasty ‘#Sweetpotato #Blackbean #burger‘!? Another lovely idea for ‘Mexican #bean and #quinoa #burgers‘ was shared by @lilmissmeatfree’. Yum!

Ever over cooked our Quinoa? How about giving these ‘Quinoa patties‘ a try? Suggested @apriltui. This fascinating #blog post was also shared. Do you make your own #nut #cheeses? Why not try using #Quinoa Rejuvelac? it sounds like a great idea to me!

Many thanks once again to @Ephemerienne for sharing such a wonderful selection of recipes. (translation required). ‘#Quinoa Balls‘ ‘#Quinoa and #corn #burritos‘ ‘#Quinoa ‘Tater-tots” and for someting sweet, why not give a ‘#Fruit pie with #quinoa crust‘ a try? Gorgeous!

Thank you to @sentientchef for sharing this recipe for a ‘Warm #Quinoa medley #salad‘ Superb! Or keep it simple and enjoy the flavour of #Quinoa by ising it as a pasta replacement in a recipe such as this ‘Rich and Indulgent #Ratatouille with #Bulgar and red #Quinoa‘ from @Vegsoup4thesoul.

Here are a couple of useful suggestions from the night itself I thought you might like to read:

@BishopWeston ‘Fave Quinoa thing is just toss stuff into it oyster mushrooms, watercress, physallis, pepperdews, dried black beans, peas..’

@katzagaria ‘I love the Quinoa Salad with Black Beans and Mango from  Veganomicon. Super delicious and summer-y’

If you dont fancy ‘cooking’ These #Quinoa pots from @Deeswholefoods are superb!

Why not try to grow some yourself? I will be giving it a go next year! Wish me luck!


One thought on “#Quinoa theme 17th July 2014”

  1. Thanks for such a great summary, I was sorry to miss the Quinoa themed recipe hour – some superb recipe ideas there and I’m very interested in growing it myself!

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