#Decadentdesserts theme Thursday 31st July 2014

So despite my phone auto correct forever changing the word ‘Desserts’ to ‘Deserts’. It seems that a great #veganrecipehour was had by all.

Many thanks to the lovely @lilmissmeatfree for hosting for the night. It sure was a tasty night by all accounts!

Here is a selecton of a few of the recipes from the night. Please scroll through the twitter feed for further recipes and photographs of tasty gorgeousness!

Lets start with a lovely #glutenfree offering from @yogivegetarian in the shape of a ‘Plum and Almond Clafoutis‘  Or fancy an ‘Apple and cashew cream tart‘ Very nice indeed!

Thank you to @PaulYoud for dsharing his lovely ‘#Trifle‘ recipe.Welcome once again to @ephemerienne and thank you for sharing  this ‘Afogato‘ recipe.

Cupcakes! Cant possibly go wrong with #cupcakes! ‘Peanut butter cupcakes‘ sure sound like they would hit the spot! Thank you @SlowCookeryClub!

Just check out this ‘Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart‘ suggested by @How_toDothings wowee!

‘Chocolate Courgette cake‘ anyone?@TheFlexitarian has to covered! They also shared this lovely ‘Chocolate #mousse‘ recipe. Superb!

Still on the #chocolate theme, how about these ‘Chocolate pots‘ from @Flavourphotos? I can personally vouch for these! They are superb!

How about an ‘Orange Chocolate #cheesecake‘? This is an amazing recipe from @FettleVegan.

Another Chocolatey offering came in from @VeganChatRoom in the shape of a  ‘Chocolate Chestnut Truffle Pudding’ Tasty!

Fancy a  ‘Chopped Date, Pecan and Fresh Mint Brownie‘? I do now thanks to @CreepyGreens! I’m craving them already!

@Flavourphotos also shared this lovely recipe for ‘Ruby’s Cookie Pie‘ very nice!

Thank you to @Rawveganista for sharing her  ‘#Raw #carrotcake #donut’ recipe. Yum!

Thank you to @MarchpaneMedlar for sharing this exciting idea for ‘Fruit Nigiri Sushi‘!  Now thats something totally different! Talking of something different,  check out this ‘Chocolate Spaghetti‘ from @Ephemerienne! Or a ‘chocolate #soup‘!

‘Lemon Cake‘?  yes please! Thank you for sharing @JayeDry

Carrot cake‘!? (#glutenfree) Thank you @ChubbaNia! There are #cookies too!

More #Cheesecake? Ah, it would be ride not to!  ‘#Raw lavendar lemon cheesecake with whipped #coconut #cream‘ from @FettleVegan. Wow!


What a selection!

All I can say it….#veganfoodisawesome!!!


2 thoughts on “#Decadentdesserts theme Thursday 31st July 2014”

  1. Ohhh guurl glad you like the look of Creepy Greens brownies- I guarantee they’re worth the bake! Lovely post, I can’t wait to try some of these ❤

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