#vegancheese theme 7th August 2014

‘I’d Love to be Vegan but I could never give up Cheese’ ‘how do you live and not eat Cheese’?

Have you come across statements like this before? I bet you have or maybe even thought it yourself. Don’t beat yourself up about it and don’t feel bad if you miss it or crave it! Some may think this controversial but, I think, when you choose not to eat things because you are vegan, it doesn’t mean that suddenly you don’t like the taste of certain foods or that your belly wont rumble when you smell something none vegan cooking. Your choice may simply be a moral one and choosing to eat/not eat certain things is reflecting that life choice. I wont go head long into the facts and figures but, we all make the choice ourselves and know exactly why. (the end ;o))

So, another thing is the use of the word CHEESE. I know this word synonymous with the Dairy industry but, it is also universally recognizable word. Even if it is termed as ‘Food coming from milk’

One of the points of Vegan Recipe Hour is to be open and accessible to all. To be inclusive and not exclusive. New Vegans will probably be looking for a Vegan Cheese. So, I shall always use the word cheese. Plus, I’m not entirely sure what I’d call it if I didn’t!

Now thats out of the way, lets have a look at some yummyness!!

Lets kick things off with a nice bit of #vegancomfortfood in the shape of @Ms_Vegan’sIn and out animal style fry’s‘ YUMM!

Check this out from @Rawveganista How cute and tasty does that look!? Have a look at this Fabulous’Triple-Decker Caprese Grilled Cheeze Panini‘ from @FettleVegan. On boy! Also this lovely photo  from @lovesisiestars of her Pizza with ‘cheese’ made from ‘Pine nuts, #nutritionalyeast and breadcrumbs!

Thank you you very much to @thehumbleplate for sharing their recipe for ‘Mushroom-Thyme Nut Cheese: The Ultimate Umami Late Night Snack’ I cant’ wait to try that one!

Like some ‘Parmesan‘ on your food? Wht not give this recipe from @Fettlevegan a whirl?  Welsh Rarebit for lunch? @veghotpot has a lovely suggestion.

How about a nice ‘Creamy cheesy vegetable gratin‘ ‘Cheese and onion ale bread‘ or a ‘#vegan Quiche. Leek, mushroom, red pepper and ‘cheese’ tofu quiche‘ From yours truly.

Mac ‘n’ cheeze was a popular choice. Here are some amazing options! from @emisgoodeating. One of my top recipes is ‘Butternut squash mac ‘n’ cheeze‘ Its amazing! From @onegreenplanet. Another great Macaroni recipe was shared by @vegsoup4thesoul. Thank you!

Lasagne? @SentientChef has it covered! A nice ‘cheeze sauce‘ recipe from @ohsheglows

How about making your own cheese?! This one from @Vegangela really caught my eye. Since VRH, I have actually made this and it’s awesome! ( I had to use almonds instead of cashews as I’d run out-it worked well). Here is another fab recipe from @dairyfree  for making your own #dairyfree cheese. @VeganChatRoom shared their experiences of making their own cheese here and here. This is a great recipe for ‘#Cauliflower #queso‘ from @Fettlevegan.This is a brilliant starting point for making your own nut cheeses from @onegreenplanet.

Much love was once again declared for #nutritionalyeast. I love this suggestion!

@natalienorman I love it mixed with chipotle chili powder‘ Yummy! And this fab suggestion!

‘Mix nutritional yeast w/avocado, lemon juice, salt, chipotle chili powder for AMAZING “nacho cheese” spread’

Thank you!

Check out some of these Vegan cheeses:

Sheese‘ From Bute Island Foods

Vegusto Cheeses

Cheezly from V Bites


Good Carma Vegan Cheese


vegancheEse shop

To name a few!



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