#veganBBQ theme August 14th 2014 #veganrecipehour

So, We decide to have a BBQ…weather is great…everything planned aaaaaaand…the rain comes and doesn’t go. Hmph… Typical British weather eh! I’m told its supposed to get brighter again! Honest! Well, not all of our readers are British so, it may be possible that you have regular BBQ weather. if not, these recipes are pretty fab to cook anywhere.

The hour once again went really quickly. It sure was a ‘belly rumbler’ though! Oh boy, corn on the cob smothered in #sweetchili sauce, BBQ veggies, grilled #peaches with #cinnamon, roast #bananas with #agave and cinnamon raisins (in a foil pouch) or with a few chocolate chips thrown in for good measure! yummy! I recently had #Aubergine on my BBQ and that was gorgeous! I also tried Purple sprouting #broccoli! Which worked surprisingly well. This is a nice useful guide to vegetarian/vegan barbecues. Great to show anyone who’s worried about catering for you! This article with 17 recipes for an unforgettable Barbecue from @Treehugger as suggested by @VeganDIY is a great source of advice also.  @Leicveggie needs no help when it comes to BBQ’s! Take a look at this! All I can say is, ‘Where was my invite!?’ Just look at this spread! Be sure to have a look at @JasmineTrinty‘s ‘Vegan BBQ menu‘ for great inspiration also.

Let’s have a peek at a few recipes.

Creamy #avocado dipping sauce‘ from @livingfoodlove sounds prefect for your BBQ’d veggies. Or a ‘#redpepper #cashew cream‘ from @LottieLovesFood. This mixed grill suggestion from @Ephemerienne looks perfect! Fancy a nice #potato salad to go with the food? This recipe from @FettleVegan is pretty fab. Why not give this ‘Sweet #chili relish‘ from @lottieLovesFood a go? Fab with almost anything I reckon!

Check out these ‘Kabobs‘ from @livingfoodlove with a sesame and ginger flavour. yummy! Or ‘Indonesian skewers/kebabs‘ once again from @Ephemerienne. You can’t go wrong with a #burger Check out this from @BRYNFISH. Make sure you use the search function to look for other #burger recipes from the themed night.

Ever fancied cooking outside on a Chimena? @PaulYoud tels you all about his experiences here. There was a lot of love for Linda McCartney sausages @MeatFreeTweets. Have a look at @lovesusiestars blog post on the subject.

How about #Bagels cooked on the BBQ? @Ephemerienne  shows you how!  How about a ‘Fruit Quesadilla!? This recipe absolutely fascinates me! ‘Banique’. I shall be trying that the next time I have a BBQ!!

This was one of those really chatty #veganrecipehour’s where loads of ideas were shared. The best way to catch up on the chat is to have a look at 14th August on the Twitter feed.  There is too much fabness to quote!!



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