#Banana theme 21st August 2014

We went #bananas for the last #veganrecipehour! Ahem …hehe!

What a lovely hour it was! Sometimes its just manic and so busy but this time, as well as lovely recipes, there was chance to have a chat with peeps, which was lovely.  I remembered that I need to make a banana #curry again! I made one a while ago but never wrote down the recipe. Do’h!

Many people like bananas as part of breakfast. This is a fab photo from @VeganStella. Talking of breakfast, have a look at this #banana #berry #breakfast #smoothie from @LottieLoveFood. Are Bananas actually the perfect snack? They are a great source of energy, potassium, B6,  Tryptophan which regulates moods, iron, soluble fibre and more amazing properties! And each one comes in its own protective case!

How about some banana in your #beer? Interesting! Or some banana beer bread? Tasty!

Lets have a peek at some of the recipes from the night.

Thank you to @YogiVegetarian for this yummy #banana bread recipe. Very nice! Another gorgeous option with #peacans and #chocolate chips (link) was shared by @mykitchenadventures. tasty! Scroll down the page and take a look at these lovely #breakfast #pancakes shared by @flavourphotos. @Londonveganbird shared their favourite pancake recipe as well. Thank you. Many thanks to @ChubbaNia for sharing her #glutenfree #bananaloaf recipe. @PaulYoud shared this recipe for #chocolate banana bread. Tasty!

Fancy a decadent treat? You cant go far wrong with these Baked Banana-Bourbon Donuts with Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting. Oh boy! Thank you @SlowClubCookery!

This is a favorite in our house! Shared by @BRYNFISH:

‘Berry ice cream: a frozen banana, a cup of frozen berries, squeeze of agave. Blitz and eat’

This idea from @Londonveganbird sounds brilliant!

‘Addicted to porridge using 1/2 mashed banana,almond milk and 1/2 tbs peanut butter!’ (photo)

Thank you once again to @Ephemerienne for sharing some lovely recipes. 3 ingredient biscuitsBanana Brioche with cocoa and raspberries,  chocolate baked banana and have a look at this fascinating recipe for banana coated #cauliflower bites! Amazing! And equally as fascinatins #Lembas.

What a  fabulous selection!! Make sure you have a look at the tweets from the day and follow @Veganrecipehour for more exciting tasty recipes!




2 thoughts on “#Banana theme 21st August 2014”

  1. Great roundup-I’ll catch up soon. I made banana bread this week from my old recipe, but with cashews and dates instead of walnuts and raisins, and topped with chocolate…yummy!

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