#mexican theme 28th August 2014

Muchas gracias to @jasminetrinity for taking care of #veganrecipehour whilst I escapes on a little Holiday. It’s great we can keep things going all the time.

It was a #Mexican themed evening. I was kinda gutted to miss this one as I’m a fan of Maxican food and obviously chose the theme myself! At least I get the chance to review things whilst writing up the #Blog!! YUMMMMM!

Lets kick things off with some Breakfast! @Leicsveggie was kind enough to share this yummy idea!

Take a look at these totally yummy #Mexican #Tamale #pies from @seasonalshaheen. Thank you to @ephemerienne for sharing this recipe for Mexican #soup. Thank you for also sharing #Jalapeños, #coriander and #avocado pasta salad. Very nice! Or how about their Mexican corn topped #pancakes!? Tasty!

This is a lovely quick and low cost suggestion from @lovesusiestars l #Vegetable Fajitas, Vegan #Potato Cakes, #Falafel Wrap.

#Tacos? Oh yes! @Vegan_Nook have it covered with these #blackbean tacos with #sweetcorn #salsa! Here is another suggestion from @VeganLass1 Big Fat Tacos! Another lovely suggestion here from @jasminetrinity for #chickpea and #lentil tacos.

Or how about a #Burrito with #quinoa? . These #rawvegan hard shell tacos from @Rawveganista are amazing!  Fancy a #kale and Potato #tortilla wrap? I know I do now thanks to @seasonalshaheen!

You cant go wrong with a #chilli none carne! Thank you to @vegsoup4thesoul for suggesting this recipe . Their Mexican #mushrooms look great too!

Homemade flour #Tortillas from @LeicVeggie look superb and really easy to make!

Not forgetting nice #empenadas! Check out these suggestions from @vegsoup4thesoul found here and @fullbelliesOAB found here.

This is a tasty dish from @lilmissmeatfree  #sweetpotato and red bean hash.

How about some Mexican rice as a side? from @Leicveggie. Or a nice #chili #cornbread from @LottieLoveFood. Another great side here from @seasonalshaheen in the shape of a #papaya #salsa. We cant not feature a #Guacamole! This is an interesting twist from @jasminetrinity using #broadbeans who also created a fabulous #pintrest board! wowee!

Check out @Rawveganista‘s #raw sunflower refried beans! Also ‘lunch time tacos and mexican Fiesta! Absolutely spoiled foe choice once again!

Phew! There are more recipes to be found on the twitter feed from the night! So, so …SO MUCH to choose from! Wow!

Thank you everyone but especially @Jasminetrinity for taking care of things!


4 thoughts on “#mexican theme 28th August 2014”

  1. Wow! That looks really good what a shame I missed this but at least I can catch up now. I adore Mexican food- it’s great for feeding a family too, as it’s so tasty and brightly coloured. I have found you need a good vegan nacho cheese recipe, refried beans and guacamole and you’re away!

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