#icecream theme 11th September 2014

Due to a HUGE demand, I decided to have a whole #VRH dedicated to #vegan #Icecream! I have to say, the amazing range of recipes is amazing!

I think Ice cream is one of those things, on the list withe Cheese, that many people vegan or not, think ..’ooh, I wont be able to have that again’ Oh yes you can!!

I had actually given up Ice cream before I became Vegan due to the fact that it made me ill. BUT I’m happy to say that I can eat Vegan ice cream and feel no ill effects. Yay!

Thank you to @VeganDisco for providing us with a (creepy!) sound track (here)

Here is a really useful Book review from @Goodstuffsharon along with some fab photos!

So, lets get on with it and find that perfect Ice cream recipe! Im writing this up a little differently owing to time running out! But here goes…

Just a few to be getting on with! …now, which one first….


5 thoughts on “#icecream theme 11th September 2014”

  1. So many! Thanks for including mine. My daughter is obsessed with Marzipan, but the link to that recipe is taking me to the peanut butter one?

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