#tomato theme. Thursday 18th September 2014

As I am writing this, there is a pan of ‘Homemade Ketchup’ bubbling away on the hob. The onion is making my eyes sting so I hope its worth it! I actually halved the recipe and used 4lb of Home grown tomatoes. It’s only just fitting in the pan as it is!

These are the chopped up beefsteak toms ready for the rest of the ingredients.


This #Veganrecipehour was on of the busiest we have had in ages! So many amazing recipes and wonderful conversations. It was tough keeping up! I think I managed it, just about (I hope)

Before we have  a look at the recipes, let’s take a look at some photos of some wonderful food. @VeganbndT shared this riot of red and @VeganDisco shared this amazing Roasted Vegetables, #Harissa Sauce & Couscous. Yum! Check out this simple but tasty snack of Homegrown, on toast , salt, pepper & olive oil.

@heidihearts shared some amazing photographs with us. They certainly inspired me! ‘dinner’ looks rather tasty! ‘Zoodles’ with tomato and peaches.  Scroll through the twitter feed for more amazing photos. @Livingfoodlove also shared some amazing photographs. This is beautiful!

‘Salad with cherry tomatoes, kale, watermelon, and strawberries from our garden’

How about trying this from @Apriltui?

‘tomato, red onion, corn, avocado, coriander, lime & balsamic vinegar’

Very tasty indeed!

Check out this tasty dish from @emalinedelapaix ‘tofu scramble: mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, onion, lime, s potato, nettle, hops, veg cheese, yeast!’ wow!

@veganstella shared this fab video with a genius way to slice Cherry Tomatoes! I haven’t tried yet as I fear i may loose a finger… ;o) I’m assure it works really well though!

Lets take a look at some of the brilliant ideas that were shared on the night.

Fancy a tasty #raw sundried tomato sauce? @Apriltui’s recipe looks great and really versatile. On a similar theme @TheMoralMunch shared their ‘Oven Kissed Tomato‘ recipe. I love this sort of thing. Celebrating flavours in simple but amazingly effective ways. Thank you to @PaulYoud for sharing his experiences of freezing tomatoes for winter. This is such a useful tip! @kraut_source fascinated us with talk of their #fermented #salsa. Here is the recipe and info on their success with a great #kickstarter project. This #blog post from @SlowClubcookery is a riot of all tings yummy and includes a great recipe for #Ratatouille. What an amazingly uplifting article. we were also treated to ‘Cornmeal crusted fried tomatoes

An Insalata Caprese is an absolute classic. @Ephemerienne shows us how.

I’m a big fan of soups and this one for Creamy Tomato soup from @Fettelvegan looks really comforting. Another tasty #soup here from @EphemerienneTomato and #basil soup‘. How about trying #courgette, tomato and #basil soup from @TheFlexitarian and a cream of tomato from @vegsoup4thesoul. Gazpacho is a bit of a classic isn’t it. @Apriltui shares her recipe with us.  She also shared this lovely #Raw Chilli recipe. Very tasty! How about some @SentientChef #guacamole on the side!?

Who doesn’t love a chilli #tomato #relish? Thank you so much to @LottieLoveFood for sharing this uber tasty sounding recipe. @PaulYoud shared this idea for a #soca #omelette with fried tomatoes, mushrooms and hummus.  Paul also shared his own #ratatouille recipe. But, this time it’s in a pie! Look at this plate of yummyness from @Lilmissmeatfree Sweet tomato #bruschetta with #olive #tampenade’ Very tempting! A nice #mediterranean #Quinoa salad on the side..yum! Thank you @Fettlevegan for sharing.

Another lovely dish from @Lilmissmeatfree, this time its #pasta. ‘Roast tomato and thyme #spaghetti’. Another great dish is a ‘Puttanesca‘ This time it’s from @Ephemerienne. @Cloudberryspice shared this lovely recipe for Cherry tomato and mint pesto tarts. So pretty! Another option is their Mediterranean Tomato #tart.

And if those pesky ‘Toms’ don’t ripen? Try this Green tomato jam from @TheFlexitarian!

I wil leave you with a wonderful recipe for #Picodegallo from the Brilliant @verdevegan

In a large bowl, mix:

1) 1/4 Cup of Cilantro

2) 1 Tomato Diced (no seeds)

3) 1 Mango Diced

4) 1/4 Purple Onion

5) 2 Serrano Chile Peppers (no seeds or veins)

6) 1/4 Cup Pineapple Diced

7) 1 Avocado Diced

8) Juices from 3 Limes

9) Salt & Pepper to taste and a dash of Olive Oil10) Mix in a large bowl and Enjoy!

There are of course loads more recipes to ready. Please search on the twitter feed with 18th September as a guide.

Thank you!



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