#Foraging theme. Thursday 25th October 2014

Its a great time of year (UK). Blackberries, elderberries, Hazelnuts, cobnuts, apples and more are all ready to be collected.

I love Autumn. In the UK we are having a glorious treat of warm and sunny weather. The plants are still flowering and look beautiful against the reds and oranges of the autumnal leaves.

I have been foraging damsons and elderberries to make fruit vinegars. For every 350g of elderberries, you use 500ml of white vinegar. Leave it to soak for a week or so and then, after straining, bring it to the boil in a large pan with 350g of white sugar for every 260ml of liquid. This takes around 10 minuted and you will notice the liquid thicken. Leave it to cool before pouring into sterilised bottles. I use this on and in all sores! Its great as a balsamic vinegar replacement and in tomato based dishes. I also use it to coat sprouts when roasting. The uses are endless! It also doubles up as a great remedy for sore throats and coughs! I have made this Vinegar from Damsons and Blackberries also. It’s a firm family favourite.

Take a look at this foraging inspiration from @livingfoodlove. Making Elderberry Syrup. A great natural cold and flu remedy. Tasty and great for you!

Like @Yogivegetarian, I have also been foraging #damsons. I love them! I made jam but this recipe sounds amazing! #Seitan in #damson sauce.

#Blackberries are possibly the most commonly foraged food. They can be found in most hedgerows.

Did You Know? There is an ‘old wives tale’ That Blackberries shouldn’t be picked after10th October as the Devil spat on the bushes the previous evening!? I shall leave you to decide if you believe that or not!

One thing we all know about Blackberries is that you need to make sure little bugs and grubs are taken care of. I tend to soak mine in water and skim off the grubs and put them back outside.

Hers is a lovely recipe from @Yogivegetarian for #blackberry #icecream #sugarfree #glutenfree #soyafree.

they also shared this lovely sounding idea….

‘I once had wild garlic flowers in mashed potato with tahini, cooked over wood fire metres from where wild garlic grew’

We are a bit late for #wildgarlic but I will give that a try for next year!

We also talked about ‘Chicken of the wood‘ I have never eaten it but I have seen it before.  The recipe on this blog isn’t Vegan but the info is useful.

I am aware that this blog post has very little recipe content! The night was a really a great chat about what we liked to forage. It was great to talk to everyone.

I do have two favourite books I would like to share with you. ‘Food For Free’ By Richard Mabey is a must for anyone who likes to forage. It’s a wonderfully informative book, packed with amazing and wonderful information. It’s quite easy to find on line.

Another great book is ‘The Hedgerow Handbook’ by Adele Nozedar. This has wonderful illustrations and really interesting recipes.  It’s a beautiful book.



2 thoughts on “#Foraging theme. Thursday 25th October 2014”

  1. Nice article; I especially like the bit about the bugs in blackberries-. sorry to have missed yesterday’s cookies hour; will try to catch up as I’m sure it was awesome 🙂

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