#Biscuits and #cookies theme #veganrecipehour 2nd October 2014

I was a bit cheeky again and chose the theme that I really wanted! Perks of the job eh! I am very very partial to a biscuit (or three) I’m not a cake fan really. even when I was a baby, apparently I would just sit there are crumble it. I do however love baking cakes. My husband is very happy about that!!

So, back to biccies! Are you a dunker? I admit I am. The biscuit has to  be of the correct type to dunk. No one likes a soggy mess of mushy biscuit in the bottom of their mug! I’m thinking a nice ginger nut and a cup of tea. There is a science to this…honestly…(maybe)…..

Anyway!…. Show me the Cookies!!

cookie sitting
Yes, this is what I look like!


I thought this recipe from ChocCoveredKt for Chocolate covered Quinoa Cookies looks fab! Something a bit different? How about #Chocolate #avocado #cookies shared by @Forked_tongues? They look so tasty!

This is one of my recipes, #Cranberry and #Hazelnut chewy cookies. They don’t last very long in our house!

Thank you so much to @lovesusiestars for sharing her recipes. #vegan Quaker #oat cookies (and amazing cutters!) How about #ginger biscuits?

Many thanks to @apriltui for sharing recipes. These #oat and #raisin cookies look lush.

These are great. 4 ingredient cookies from @veghotpot. #glutenfree.

Carrot,coconut and date munchkin anyone!? Many thanks to @theveganegan  for sharing this lovely recipe:

You need: Coconut Pulp, Carrot Pulp, Dates, Agave, & Nutmeg

(Best way to get the pulp is to cold-press carrot & coconut juice).

Mix the pulps & the dates in food processor. Blend until mixed.

Shape into munchkin size with dash of nutmeg. Drizzle with agave & ENJOY!

These #Chocolate chip Teatime #biscuits look soooo good! Thank you @sentientchef. For a tasty, quick biscuit fix, why not give these Thumbprint cookies from @VeganCoaching a try? Or these very tasty looking Linzer cookies.

This is another favourite in our house. #Raw #Gingerbread. Perfect for Christmas!

it was lovely to tweet @marchpanemedlar again Especially as they shared this recipe for chunky chocolate chip cookies! Not quite a biscuit but, i will include it anyway, thank you to @PaulYoud for sharing his recipe for Healthy #fruit and #nut bars. Very nice.

Have a good look through these amazing #pumpkin recipes from #FettleVegan. Spot on seasonal recipes (all of which I want to try!) Scroll down and you will find some #Pumpkin bread cookies! They also shared these intriguing Dark Chocolate #rosemary cookies. I’m going to have to try those! Oh the things I do in the name of Veganism hey… such hard work…hehehee!

Many thanks to @TheFlexitarian for sharing this lovely recipe for Crunchy #spelt #raisin cookies. Yum!

You are all awful to me you know…. You give me cravings during #veganrecipehour and then when I’m writing it up! Hehee!

You are all still fab.



4 thoughts on “#Biscuits and #cookies theme #veganrecipehour 2nd October 2014”

  1. Gosh these look amazing- I think if i had been there last night I would have had to go and bake straight afterwards! Hoping to get back into vrh next week…. thanks as always for bringing us such deliciousness 🙂

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