#Fermentedfood theme 9th October 2014.

I have been looking forward to this theme for ages! I have only just started to make fermented food. My husband and I made some #kimchi and also some #sauerkraut. Both of which have (almost to my surprise) gone really well!

Our #sauerkraut and #kimchi
Our #sauerkraut and #kimchi

We also have made #sourdough bread for a few years now. This is how we made it. @PaulYoud also has a nice blog post on the subject.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to @Kraut_source. (website) for joining us as special guests. The shared so many amazing photographs and ideas. I know a lot of people really enjoyed learning about the whole process. Check out this video to learn more. Please have a good look through the @veganrecipehour twitter feed for loads of amazing photographs and tweets.

This is an amazing #pintrest board all about why we should eat #fermentedfoods. So much amazing information and advice!

A lovely way (and the way i started) to get into fermented foods is to try #Sauerkraut. This is a lovely #blog post from @AnnieLevy121. Entitled ‘A Rainbow of Sauerkrauts

Check out the amazing colour of this #Quinoa #rejuvelac made by @apriltui. With a super handy ‘how to‘ guide. This amazing liquid is packed full of goodness and it great for making nut cheeses. Talking about #vegancheese, here is a perfect recipe! #Walnut and #apricot Nut Cheese. Look at the colour of this #Sauerkraut How amazing is that!?

Many thanks to @AnnieLevy121 for sharing this #Vegan ‘Chicken soup’ jam packed with restorative niceness to make you feel that little bit better. This #fermented #harissa sounds amazing! Thank you for also sharing this #fermented #beetroot elixer.  This is particularly enticing.. a Plum Kimchi. How about this Aztec cocoa chilli Aphrodisiac!?

There was a lot of talk about a ‘SCOBY’ Apart from sounding like some off cartoon character, this is in act something fascinating and really useful.

SCOBY is actually an acronym for ‘Symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast’ yes, slightly less appealing now hey! This is the science bit. But how does that translate into something we can actually consume? You can use it to make something called #Kombucha. Kombucha is a tea. But one consumed for its health benefits. This is a lovely article that explains it all really well. Also check out this #blog post from @AnnieLevy121

This is in no way a comprehensive post of all of the information shared. I urge you to click on the links and explore for yourself. This is such a huge topic and I freely admit I’m no expert! But, that’s why #VRH is so useful. Swapping information is an amazing way to learn.



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