#pies and #pasties theme 16th October 2014

Hello, Hello! nice to see you are back here reading another instalment of #veganrecipehour recipe round-ups!

The theme on 16th October was #Pies and #Pasties. I thought the weather was grim, it was cold and darn and what we all needed was a belly full of warming, comforting Pie! I was so happy that you all agreed!

Take a look at this suggestion shared by @apriltui. I can just tell that is going to taste awesome from the photograph! Many of you agreed as this was retweeted an amazing 8 times! Tomato, onion and herbed cashew cheese tart. Yummy! This is another lovely idea and one which I personally really fancy trying, Smoky #tofu tart.  Lovely!

Check out this Christmas pie recipe from The Vegetarian Society, shared by @GoodStuffSharon. Wow! I think I might have found what I’m having on the big day!

Here are a few of my recipes. No meat and potato pie, #Kale and #Potato #Empenadasred #lentil, cheese and sweet red onion slice.

@PaulYoud shared his #Ratatouille pie with us. Thank you. Talking about Ratatouille, here is a recipe from the lovely @ephemerienne in the shape of a  #Ratatouille Roulade. Check out these recipes as well: Samosa Tart tatin and a ‘chicken’ and Broccoli pie.

Hello again to @Lovesusiestars and thank you for sharing this suggestion inspired by the River Cottage Veg cook book. A #Springonion tart. Very tasty!

Fancy a #Tofu vegetable pie? Well you are in luck! @yogivegetarian has a lovely recipe. Have a look at this as well! Amazing! Layered Harvest Pie.

How about something sweet? Thank you to @yogivegetarian for sharing these tempting pies!  Apple and Prune Mince Pies,

Have a peek at these #Raspberry cashew cream pinwheels in a coconut oil crust wowee! Awesome @SlowClubCookery!

Not forgetting a good old #Apple pie! Thanks @PaulYoud! And a totally yummy #pumpkin pie from @yogivegetarian.

Well, that should keep you going for a while! Enjoy!



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