#Veganized theme 6th November 2014

This was a really popular theme! It was a very busy hour indeed.

I feel #Veganrecipehour isn’t about showing off. It isn’t about ‘Preaching’ to people or condemning their choices. By that I don’t just mean none Vegan choices. i mean within the Vegan community also.

If we don’t work together to show whats possible, then how can we possibly hope to attract others? I’ve said it before, I know there are wider issues other than food that make up the choice to become Vegan. (I’m vegan and I know very well!) But, I also know the question I’m always asked is ‘What do you eat!’  followed by ‘Don’t you miss X, Y and Z? Don’t you feel like you are missing out?’

For me, I miss the accessibility of X, Y and Z but I NEVER feel that I ‘Miss out’. Almost everything you would find in a none Vegan diet can be found to either buy ready #Veganized or there are so many amazing recipes out there! I believe in showing possibilities.

Another statement I read a lot is along the lines of ‘If vegans like meat substitutes so much, why don’t they just eat the meat?’ Yes, I see the point and part of me thinks hmmm ….should I be eating a ‘Soysage’ or ‘Cheatin chickn’? I say yes, (if you like it!) It’s about showing possibilities. These are all #Crueltyfree possibilities.

Anyway, Enough of me rambling on….

I’m going to keep the write up simple this time as its so extensive. Plus this room is soooo cold!

Thank you @vegancoaching for this recipe for #veganized Indian sweets. Maava Na Penda. Yummy English Breakfast.

Thank s muchly to @BatsandBaking for this lovely Soya free Sage and red onion sausages.

Vegan Coq au Vin. Thank you @FacelessFood.

Many thanks to @Ephemerienne for these stunning ideas: Surf ‘n’ Turf,   Tofu RoastHot ‘Chickn’ SandwichCassoulet,  Nut Roast#Seitan Bourguignon

Welcome once more to @Apriltui for this #Chorizo #sausage recipe. This #Raw #Chilli looks and sounds so good! Vegetable nut mince.…wow! You can’t go wrong with a #tofu #scramble. #Lentil #Burger anyone? #Raw Millionaires Shortbread tart looks superb!

We had some fab suggestions from @FettleVegan: Chick ‘n’ salad,  Mexican #Chickpea #scramble. How about the amazingly named Lord Stanleys #Poutine!? Not Chicken but #cauliflower nuggets!

@Leicveggie shared this lovely recipe for ‘Ricotta’ lasagne. Yum! Or Mac n Cheese! Check out these #Breakfast #Tacos too.
This is a lovely idea from @21stCenturyEde1:  Fishy and Ship. Superb! as well as a veganized version of the classic mexican Chile Relleno. Mmmmm! #Taco #Pizza!

Hello again to @Yogivegetarian and thank you for sharing this recipe for #veganized #greeksalad. Wowee!  These Sausage Rolls look superb! Yay for #Coconut ‘bacon! #Quinoa #Chickpea Shepherds Pie. Also a fab #Mayonnaise recipe.

This #Chinese ‘Egg-fried’ noodle dish from @GoodStuffSharon looks tasty! These nut Kofta Kebabs look amazing!

Welcome back to @RawVeganista and thank you for sharing this recipe for a hot and spicy Red Dragon Chilli!

How about a #Tempeh BLT from @TheFriendlyFig!? This French onion Soup from @ChubbaNia looks fab!

This is a fab idea from @VegLifeTweets: Leftover mashed potato cakes.

And for a sweet tooth.. Marshmallows! Thank you @MarchpaneMedlar for sharing! Macarons! Wow! Nom Nom.. Pina Colada #Cheesecake! Thank you @Goodstuffsharon! Not forgetting #Chocolate! Via @apriltui. 

I’m loving this idea for #Pumpkin pie from @VeganLass1. So good!

With all this choice, What’s your excuse?!

4 thoughts on “#Veganized theme 6th November 2014”

  1. I really enjoyed that evening- it was so good to learn new recipes. totally agree with you; while fake meat etc. won’t appeal to everyone. let’s not forget it’s a cruelty free, healthier and environmentally friendly choice. I like to think of myself as a bit of a foodie, but if I’m honest, I admit to really liking some of the substitutes, both bought and home made. Many, including me, would find it hard to stick to veganism without the odd chocolate/ icecream/ cake/ burger/ sausage/ bit of cheese. btw, that cheeze sauce recipe will be up in the next few hours- hubby wanted to check it first as he invented it 🙂

    1. I’m a firm believer in Choices. Just because one person doesn’t like it, doesn’t mean someone else shouldn’t. VRH exists to show possibilities. Not to say what you should put in your mouth. I love a ‘sausage’ and I’m a big fry’s family fan. I, like you am also passionate about home cooking and Veggies!
      I have a lovely varied diet that is #crueltyfree and that’s the main thing :O)

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