#veganlunch theme 13th November 2014

Lunch isn’t always easy if you follow a #plantbased diet. I do find, the better prepared i am, the better my lunch is! Less toast and more bowl of amazing salads!

Finding a proper lunch on the go is still not so easy.  In larger towns, there does seem to be an increase in choices but, where I am, there isn’t a lot to choose from to be honest. If we are going out for the day, we tend to take our own food.

Let’s have a look at what you like to make:

The Humble Sandwich, Boring? I think not! This Tangy Curried #chickpea option from @Fettlevegan looks rather special. How about a Chick ‘n’ salad sandwich? @TheFlexitarian shared this Portobello #mushroom and #tofu scramble suggestion Yum! they also shared this ever so lovely Medditeranean sandwich and this lovely No chicken coronation sandwich idea.On a similar theme. here is am awesome sounding #Rawvegan #Taco filling from @TheRawRockChick.  Need some #Mayonaise with that? How about a grilled Cheeze Panini from @FettleVegan? This is a great recipe! Thank you to @Potatostrong for sharing the idea for no cheese Quesedillas, nice! @ChubbaNia shared her #glutenfree recipe for Grilled Cheeze sandiwches. How about @Ephemerienne’s suggestion for Sandwich vert. Why not try #Tofu and #shitake banh wraps from @Leicveggie. This is a great list of sandwich inspiration that I myself use. I first had it from the Vegan Society Website before it all changed. I found it so useful and think it’s sad that its not on there anymore!

I love garlic and rice so, this is a perfect lunch for me! Plus, it will keep the Vampires away ;O) Here is @livingfoodlove‘s fab Filipino Garlic rice. The lovely @VeganCoaching shared their suggestion of an open top sandwich. Another lovely rice salad here from @TheFlexitarian. in the shape of a #Butternut squash and #Kale black rice salad with #ginger and #lime dressing. Or try a warm #lentil salad. oh yummy, I adore chickpeas. this #Aubergine #mango salad with spicy #chickpeas will hit the spot!

This blog post from @apriltui is really helpful if you are wanting to make snack boxes. It’s a really useful guide about getting a great balance of tastes, textures and nutrition. She also shared this lovely #courgette/#zucchini #hummus recipe.

This is a lovely suggestion from @Livingfoodlove. A #Peach #kale salad with Korean style dressing.

If you have a bit more time, this #mexican #mushrooms recipe from @Vegsoup4thesoul sounds fab. I say Yum yum to this Malaysian style Laksa soup! Or a lovely super shoots and seeds salad.

So much to choose from!

I do have a confession to make though. I have left off the Soups as we are having a whole Soup theme on 27th! I didn’t want to double up too much. I hope that’s ok!



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