#Breadbaking theme 20th November 2014

I’m sure the weeks get shorter. it doesn’t seem two minutes since I was writing the last theme up!

I am staying on theme with my baking today. I’m making some ‘milk rolls’ using soya milk. I’ve just adapted a none vegan recipe in the hope that it will work. It seems to be alright so far! It’s in the airing cupboard at the moment. I do like Thursdays. i have a short day at work and get to come home and do this in the Afternoon!

Lets have a look at what was shared during the #Breadbaking theme evening.

The ever lovely @Ephemerienne shared a great recipe for #pitta breads. #Apple butter #chocolate bread, My daily bread, Garlic breadAlmond Croissants, Pain “swirl” pommes cannelle, 

Kinda like bread baking.. @Leicveggie shared her Oatcake recipe. Another nice simple one here from @TheMoralMunch Chilli Gram Crackers.

Thank you to @Fettlevegan for sharing a yummy Cornbread recipe.  A lovely Spicy red and black pepper version! On yum, look at these #Lavender #scones.

Fancy Pizza? How about a #Calzone from @fullbelliesOAB. With a #cauliflower crust.  One of our favourites, Cheese, onion and ale bread.

This lovely recipe for #Focaccia from The edible craft was shared by @MarchpaneMedlar. It sounds so good!

Here is a lovely #spelt #sourdough recipe from @apriltui.  Also, underneath is a sourdough starter ‘recipe’ another can be found here from @fullbelliesOAB

Curry and Naan bread go together like…well.. curry and Naan bread! Check out this recipe from @vegsoup4thesoul and another Naan recipe here from @ChubbaNia.

A great pizza base recipe here from @PotatoStrong. I love this post from @vegancakeclub about their ever so tasty looking Bread Pies.

@PaulYoud has so many great Bread recipes, its a shame to list them. It’s better that you take your time and have a proper look at his #blog. Click  HERE for the link. Here are a couple of examples to whet your appetite Pain au Chocolat,

A nice short but sweet round up there!



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