Guest Blog. Meal plan. Do you fancy it!?

I mentioned before Christmas that I’d like to get some guest bloggers on here with a full meal plan.

You don’t have to worry about it being specifically really low fat, missing certain nutrients, being gluten free, nut free…

I would hope that eventually, we have a really big range of meals that would cover those areas and more!

All I ask is…….

The plan has a Main course and a pudding and a starter if you wish.

It would be great if you could include drinks too. Eg if you make your own cordials, have a beer, a glass of wine…

I would like photos of each and photos of prep where possible.

Recipes and cooking times.

If you use a certain brand, links to them and include allergy info if you can.

You will NEVER be judged on it. I would never say ‘oh that’s not healthy’ or ‘that’s not my sort of thing’ This is for everyone!

I also hope to get some companies on board to give samples.

There will be one entry a month. (possibly more in the future)

If you are interested, please comment below!




11 thoughts on “Guest Blog. Meal plan. Do you fancy it!?”

  1. Hi there 🙂 sorry to have missed vrh last night I’m sure it was brilliant as usual.I’d love to submit a meal plan; maybe a dinner for Valentine’s day? Is it okay to use recipes we’ve already published all put together?

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