#Sundayroast theme 15th January 2015

I really enjoy a good Sunday roast. All the Veg, gravy, roasties………yum yum!

Good news! The meal doesn’t have to revolve around a huge chunk of meat. Nor does it have to contain any animal based ingredients. So, this is just a pile of boring boiled vegetables then yeah? Nope! Take a look at these ideas…

Thinking about the humble Roast spud. How do you roast yours? There is wide spread use of Lard or Duck/Goose fat. I tend to use Vegetable oil/Rapeseed oil. Very hot tin and oil also par-boiled potatoes. Other tips from Tweeters was to use olive oil, a little bit of garlic and pepper, make sure you drain and shake them water free first before roasting, a coating of Polenta or using #coconutoil.

A great vegie tip here from @PaulYoud:

‘Don’t discard your outer cabbage leaves-simply simmer them until they soften. nutritious & flavoursome’

How about this from @veganblueberry:

‘I love roasties, mashed potato, potato croquettes, processed peas, nut roast, lots of brown sauce!’

There was lots of love for #Sprouts! I absolutely love them and it seemed that most of you do too! I like to roast them in homemade Elderberry vinegar. This Chestnut roast from @Veganfamily is a perfect accompaniment! They shared this recipe for #glutenfree #lentil #walnut roast. Something a bit different here with a tandoori roast #Cauliflower. Beautifully veganized here by @Gramondo66.

Talking of Cauliflower, I’m liking the sound of this suggestion from @VeganStart:

‘Yum…roasted cauliflower is really good. You can make a cauliflower mash (like mashed potatoes) too. =)’

A great tip here from @Veggie_Nut;

‘Don’t forget the roast beetroot . A source of nitrates (oxygenate blood), Vit.A + Vit.C!’

Here are some lovely recipes shared by @Ephemerienne. (translate here) A classic here, a lovely nutroast. How about a lovely #Tofu roast. This Indian nut roast looks and sounds great! This will surely raise a giggle: Sunday Roast #Pizza Brilliant! This Mushroom Roast looks so tasty!

Another sort of Loaf from @FullbelliesOAB A lovely #Courgette, #leek and #carrot #lentil loaf. How about roasting some #Cauliflower Wings? Thank you to @potatostrong.

Haggis? Surely not? Oh yes! @PaulYoud has a lovely suggestion here. Also these lovely stuffed mushrooms. yummy! This stuffed #Seitan roast looks superb! Thank you to #VeganYakAttack. I will have to try that one soon! *belly rumble*

I hope this has given you a little Sunday Roast inspiration!

2 thoughts on “#Sundayroast theme 15th January 2015”

  1. There’s nothing like a good roast dinner! We have lots of nut roast recipes. I like to roast potatoes with olive oil and sprigs of rosemary, served with lashings of miso gravy. This Christmas, we roasted our sprouts with chestnuts, fresh cranberries and a bit of maple syrup, which was yummy. Another thing I like with a roast is pureed swede with smoked paprika. Thanks for the roundup- tweet you tonight 🙂

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