‘Nothing But’ Snack review.

So, sometimes being the host of vegan Recipe Hour has it perks. Obviously meeting you lot is the biggest one! BUT…..I was extremely fortunate to receive a large parcel from the wonderful people at Nothing But!

I have to say I was very excited to try the little bags of awesomeness but, I the excitement grew when I found I had also been sent a Mug, Travel mug, badge, keyring and a USB pen drive all emblazoned with their logo. How amazingly generous is that!?!

I am a lucky lady!

So, what is so special about Nothing But?

The packets claim that inside, there is a ‘New taste experience’ quite a bold claim!

What exactly is in these packets then?

There are 6 different flavour combinations. Savoury ‘Mange Tout and Red Pepper’, ‘Pea and Sweetcorn’, ‘Beetroot and Parsnip’ sweet packets are ‘Pineapple and Grape’ ‘Apple and Fig’ and ‘Strawberry and Banana’ (I didn’t try the last one of these flavours) Each pack excitingly contains one of your 5 a day.

The vegetables/fruit inside the packs is Freeze Dried, locking in the flavour and nutrition. The contents retain their natural colour which makes the snack very appetising.

‘Why don’t I just eat the fresh Veg?’

Of course that would be a lovely tasty option BUT sometimes we all want something a bit different. We sometimes want to reach for the bag of crisps. This is a great alternative. It gives a different texture for your mouth. A bit of a crunch.

I eat a lot of fresh veg and love Raw vegetables. I wouldn’t swap those totally for ‘Nothing But’…But I have really, really enjoyed the ‘New taste Experience’ and definitely would enjoy eating the packs more often as part of my diet.

Pea and Sweetcorn ‘Nothing But’ Snack.

Aren’t they a bit dry?

Yes, of course they are! I was a bit concerned that it might be like eating sawdust. How very wrong i was. As soon as your mouth and brain have talked to each other and decided that this is the gorgeous vegetable/piece of fruit that it seems to be, Your taste buds work over time and your mouth waters. The intense flavour (especially with the pineapple) is incredible! It’s like eating the tastiest fresh veg but, out of a packet!

yum yum!

I really like ‘Nothing But’ and would buy them myself. Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

Follow them @Nothingbutsnack.


4 thoughts on “‘Nothing But’ Snack review.”

  1. I’ve tried two of these. I didn’t really enjoy the mange tout and red pepper, it reminded me of cuppa soup and made me hungry. However, I loved the pineapple and grape, it tastes sherbety and delicious.

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