#Seitan theme 26th February 2015


Er, that’s that?

That’s exactly what I thought a couple of years back. I made my first Seitan and I have to admit, it was horrible! I have since re discovered it and have found that I really like it! It’s all in the cooking method you seeeeee….

Ok, so what actually is it? Seitan is also sometimes called ‘Wheat Meat’ or Mock Duck’. It is quite commonly found in cans in Oriental Supermarkets and stores.

It is most commonly made from a type of ‘flour’ called Vital Wheat Gluten. As the flour has such a high gluten content (protein) it becomes really gluey when mixed with water. This allows it to be shaped easily. It is also possible to flavour the #seitan pre cooking therefore making it very versatile.

It can be fried, bakes or steamed (boiled) and made into all sorts of things! In our house, we like the baked versions. Why not have a look at these recipes and try some for yourself!?

We have to start with this gorgeously tempting Banh Mi Chay from @yogivegetarian. That’s straight on my ‘to do’ list! Or how about their #Seitan Fajitas?

Here is one from our March menu (Which contains Seitan too!) creator @PaulYoud. Seitan cutlets ans chunks. (and sausages)

Here’s a lovely Seitan Ragu from @elliesrecipes. How about Baked BBQ tofu? via @AGrumpySailor.

Absolutely loving the look of these BBQ #Beetroot Seitan Steaks! Thank you to @SeasonalShaeen for sharing! I love the look of these Chorizo sausages! Or Pastrami!

Here are some great suggestions from @Ephemerienne (translate)

 Seitan in lemon sauce,

Mixed Grill. Ribs,



Here is a great selection from @moodleymannor:

Seitan Fillets



Seitan bacon (photo)

Read a little bit about their love of all things Seitan here.

I hope you give Seitan a try. I am glad I gave it another chance. We really enjoy it in our house now! I still dont like the bolied sort but, the baked is awesome!



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