#Beetroot theme 5th March 2014

Due to popular demand, the #veanrecipehour theme was Beetroot!

I’ve always been a big fan of Beets. I have a particular soft spot for pickled beetroot with a salad. I also like them roast with other veggies. They are also awesome in cakes and lend a lovely shade of purple to icing!

What’s not to love!?!

Here is a great article by @sentientchef about the benefits of Beetroot. Thank you for sharing!

We even have a soundtrack courtesy of @VeganDisco!

You can’t go far wrong starting with cake!! Thank you to @ShonalikaTilak for sharing this Beautiful Chocolate, Banana, Beetroot cake. @FettleVegan uses beetroot juice in these super fab looking Orange cream filled chocolates Yum! Ever heard of Beetroot powder? Have a look at this amazing cake from @elliesrecipes. How gorgeous is that!??! I love the idea of these Beetroot truffles from @Botanicalbaker!

I’m loving the idea of this Beet Kvass Fermented Elixir from @AnnieLevy121. Super dooper Probiotic goodness! Or how about a Sweet beet Smoothie?

Burger anyone? Brown rice, beetroot and walnut burgers from @fullbelliesOAB.

This is an awesome sounding (and looking) Pizza from @FettleVegan. It’s Roast Beet, blood orange and fennel! Wowee!

How gorgeous does this salad look?! Beetroot and peanut salad from @YogiVegetarian. I’m also loving the look of these baked beets with cumin. Yum! Thank you to @VeganLifestyleAssoc for sharing this idea for a Kale wrap with beetroot. Tasty! Another one from them in the shape of a Beetroot and chilli burger.

Loving the look of these Sweet Stuffed Pepper with Beetroot and sunflower seeds! Thank you to @Sentientchef for sharing. Also shared was this ginger Beet salad.

It was nice to tweet @Wrappedinpaper and to read their recipe for Celeriac and marinated Beetroot salad. Or a lovely Beetroot risotto? Or another lovely Chocolate cake!

I spied this recipe for Roti’s and can’t wait to try it out!

For more fabulous recipes, check out the @Veganrecipehour Twitter feed!


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