#silkentofu theme 12th March 2015

So, time has once again run out and I have not yet written up the blog! So, instead of not doing it, I hope it’s ok that I’ve done a list :O)

To find out what Silken Tofu is click here.

Savoury recipes

Creamy Tomato and roast red pepper soup from @Leicveggie


Omelette type 2

Pad Thai from @Ephemerienne (Translate if needed)

Tofu Mayonaise from @VeganFoodChat

Silken Tofu #Quiche shared by @Veggie_nut

Rice cooker Frittata shared by @FettleVegan

#Glutenfree broccoli and sweetcorn quiche from @Veganfamily

Crisp silken tofu crusted in lemon grass shared by @Hospitalityinc

Sweet recipes:

Brownies from @fullbelliesOAB

Chocolate frosting

Maple tofu ice cream from @Ephemerienne

Chocolate mousse cake

White #chocolate mousse from @veganfamily

Short but sweet! For more tweeted recipes, have a look at @veganrecipehour!

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