#veganonabudget theme

We had a wonderfully busy night . I had a real struggle keeping up!!
Its fab when its like that though. I do however miss conversation, which is sad. Don’t ever think I’m not interested! I’m just struggling with finger cramp πŸ˜‰ .

This theme is very close to my heart. When I first started blogging, my focus was (and still is) budget meals. I think sometimes selling vegan food as a ‘special diet’ puts people off. It also scares people away from attempting to make a vegan meal. There’s really nothing ‘special’ about it (allergies etc not withstanding) its just great food without the cruelty! No animal products. Of course you can buy lots of nice ingredients and treats but the basic tasyness is very simple and inexpensive.
This is my Full bellies on a budget blog! Packed full of tasty inexpensive recipes!

Let’s have a look at some recipe suggestions!

I even had a budget meal to celebrate the theme! This stew cost under 50p a bowl!


@yogivegetarian has a fab Vegan on a budget blog, crammed full of handy hints and tips! Love this guide for making tofu. Back to the seitan here! But this’d time using Aldi’s own flour!
I love the look of this seed and carrot roast loaf from @sentientchef along with this carrot and ginger soup.
Another lovely blog to look through here from @wholeingredient. Lots of lovely recipes to suit every budget. You can find recipes such as these chocolate orange brownies and this granola. Or a spinach chana masala. Yum! Spiced chestnut soup.
Soup is always a hit here! Check out this leek and potato tastiness from @fettlevegan. Have a peek at this 6 later taco pie! Wow!
One of vrh’s familiar faces is @rawveganista. Make sure you take time to look through her absolutely amazing blog. Overflowing with raw foid inspiration. I can’t put into words how exciting her food is!! 25years of Veganism is something to be celebrated I’m sure you would agree! For example, look at this raw vegan butter!

Loving these frugal recipes shared by @veganfamily. Also this amazing selection of soups.
Another soup from @ephemerienne garlic soup sounds tasty! How about some bread with that? Love this black bean and spinach chilli from @jasminetrinity.


3 thoughts on “#veganonabudget theme”

  1. What a wonderful post!

    It’s always such a pleasure to participate in VRH, and I completely concur with your statement about vegan food not necessarily being expensive or even all that “special”. In reality it is indeed quite simple, and exceedingly economical (especially when one considers the cost of breeding/enslaving/killing numerous animals who consume copius amound of water, grain, vegetables, and other things we could be using to feed hungry people)! Not to mention the overall elimination of worry for cross-contamination or eating things without cooking away the majority of viable nutrients…
    One interesting thing I’ve noticed since having transitioned to an entirely RAW vegan diet (I’ve been at ~100% year-round since 2006) & buying nearly everything directly from small family growers/artisans, is that my financial expenditures on food are ridiculously low! People are often surprised at how little I actually spend, especially when compared to my yield and prolificacy in the kitchen.
    In fact, I recently began making hot sauces (details coming soon, I promise), and the cost of packaging is actually FAR higher than that of sourcing all of my organically grown, high-nutrient ingredients! If only I could do my own glassmaking, or had my own mineral spring nearby… πŸ˜‰

    In any case, I greatly enjoyed our exchange of ideas (& friendly chatter) during your #VeganOnABudget edition of VRH and am quite humbled to read such sweet compliments shared on your blog about my work & lifestyle choices. It is truly an honour for me to be connected with this fabulous project, as my goal in sharing is to show others how easily we can help to heal the world by freeing ALL of the slaves through even the smallest actions based upon conscious decisions.

    Thanks again for making such sharing possible and widely available/accessible to many. We are so grateful for all you do! β™‘β“‹β˜…

    May all beings live happy, healthy, & free,
    ~ “The Raw Veganista”

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