16th April #Broccoli theme

The theme on 16th April was #Broccoli.

Did you know? Over 30,000 plants can grow on 1 acre of land!?

I was surprised at how busy it was! One of those hours filled not only with recipes, but also fabulous conversation. if I ever feel a bit down on a Thursday, you guys always bring me back up again. Thank you for that!

Lets have a peek at some ideas.

fact! Thanks to the glucoraphanin that it contains, broccoli is good for repairing skin, especially from sun damage

Very apt to start with this as I’m actually having something similar for my Tea tonight! Thank you tot the ever generous @Ephemerienne for sharing her Stir fry with Broccoli recipe. (Google translate) I love this idea for Pasta shells filled with broccoli/pumpkin. Well worth a look! How about this gorgeous idea? or a ‘Chicken’ and broccoli pie? Potato Puree with broccoli. Lovely! Broccoli Mousse sounds great! Broccoli of the Rising Sun sounds awesome!

Did you know? contains the flavonoid kaempferol. It is an anti-inflammatory, helps fight against cancer and heart disease

Loving the colour of this Broccoli soup! Thank you @grainofsaltblog. Another soup here from @Fettlevegan Broccoli and ‘cheeze’ soup. Yum!

is: Very high in vitamin A Very high in vitamin B6 Very high in vitamin C Very high in dietary fibre Very high in potassium.

Just a few gorgeous recipes to keep you going!

Oh almost forgot….Ultimate Vegan pet?



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