14th May 2015 #veganpackedlunch theme.

This was a busy theme! It was lovely to catch up with you all and to see what delights you had to offer to the Twitterverse!

Sometimes taking a packed lunch can be a bit drab and boring….the same thing every day..yawn..

Here are some amazing alternatives to wow everyone with!

We kicked things off with this photo from @Veganlass1. It went down a storm and made all of our bellies growl! mmmmmm vegan sausage sandwich….Although we do have a rival with this Best vegan sandwich ever from the peeps at A Virtual Vegan.

Loving this Curried mango chickpea salad from @greenpeanation. Yum! They also offered us these beauties… well, as you are offering. Let is never be known that I have turned down a biscuit!

Many thanks to @leicVeggie for sharing their Banh mi wrap. Another wrap here from @lifefood. This time its a Cabbage and red Quinoa wrap. Or some lovely Courgette Kelp rolls? Thank you to @Fettlevegan for their Mediterranean pesto wrap. This Raw courgette Hummus from @apriltui sure sounds tasty. Or a lovely Caramelised onion Hummus shared by @myfruitykitchen. wrap.

Welcome once again to the wonderful @ephemerienne. Here we have: a PB&J sandwich, a gorgeous salad, Green sandwich, Bol et Lunch, Lunch box sandwiches

Another lovely idea from @lottielovefood. The Brilliantly named Chick-a-wow-wow dip! or this totally tasty looking Red pepper cashew cream. Yummy!

How about Yoghurt Parfait with Granola and raspberries! Shared by @Mel00. To round it off!

As always, please check out the twitter feed for more vegan inspiration! @veganrecipehour


2 thoughts on “14th May 2015 #veganpackedlunch theme.”

  1. Sorry to have missed this 😦 but thanks to the roundup I don’t feel completely out of the loop! Life just got really, really busy; hope to make it tomorrow though.

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