Christmas main course theme! 12th December 2013

Hello again and welcome to the quick round up of some of the fabulous recipies and ideas that were shared at the last #veganrecipehour.

The theme this time was #veganxmas main courses. It was a really busy hour and great fun! thank you to all who participated!

We once again had some lovely recipe ideas from @jasminetrinity.

Brussels sprout and chestnut bake, lentil roast, cabbage rolls, Bean mushroom wellington plus a few more to be found under #veganrecipehour on twitter. Yum!

@jenhall101 shared this idea for a whole Christmas lunch idea for 6!

How about these Roasted squash, cranberry, walnut and mango puff pastry parcels as suggested by @createagoodlife

How about a real alternative! A ‘Green pizza’ from @veganupnorth? This beautiful Christmas nut roast recipe suggested by @VeganChatRoom.


How about garlic brussels sprouts suggsted by @VeganYackAttack

Spiced Wild Rice Pilaf with Butternut Squash & Dried Cranberries

Viva has a really useful ‘Mini guide to a veggie Christmas’ that you can download for free! Suggested by @GoodStuffSharon


This Quinoa, lentil & cashew nut roast (gf, wf, df, ef) from @naturalfuelblog Looks Brilliant!

I hope you have found some great alternatives here! Loads of choices and wonderful options! Its making me soooo hungry!!! More can be found on twitter!





#veganxmas Starters!

Our theme for Thursday 5th December 2013 was #veganxmas starters. We had lots of lovely ideas and it was great to chat to everyone about their plans! Here are a few of the ideas! You can find more by searching #veganxmas #starters #veganrecipehour @veganrecipehour

Slow Cooker Leek and Potato Soup from the fabulous @veganvox

Here we have a whole menu plan and recipes! Also, a lovely idea Stuffed mushroom from @JasmineTrinity

How about warm avocado halves with red onion, tomato and basil? With, Bruschetta topped with tomato & basil or sheese and chutney? ‘Mango and peach salsa‘ for ‘chips and dips’ ‘Carrot Osso Buco’ sounds super yummy! Spring rolls look amazing!

Take a look at this! ‘12 days of Vegan treats‘!! Check out the Vegan Society for some inspiration: @TheVeganSociety Lots of lovely ideas can be found in the first issue of ‘fresh Vegan magazine’ @freshvegan1


Fancy a truffle instead? Aah, its christmas, go on…….


#lentil theme 28th November 2013

Thank you to all who took part in the last #veganreciepehour! The topic of conversation was #lentils! We had lots and lots of brilliant tips and suggestions. It was great talking to you all!

Lentils can be seen by some, as a bit of a vegan/vegetarian stereotype. I think up to a point, this is a fair one! BUT, the problem is that its so short sighted. Lentils are brilliant! They are filling, versatile, low fat and a great source of protein.

len So, lets get to the important bit! The recipies!!

We had two lovely sugestions for lentil loaves from @fullbelliesOAB#Lentil #redpepper and #courgette loaf‘ and ‘#Lentil and #vegetable loaf‘ from @JasmineTrinity . Lentil loaves are brillant because they can be eaten hot or cold. As part of a main meal, lunch or, my favourite way, sliced in a sandwich with some pickle oh yum!

How about curry? This ‘Butternut #squash and #lentil #curry‘ from @jasminetrinity sounds awesome! @VeganUpNorth suggested this recipe for a Vegetable Dhansak. Or does a gorgeous ‘Red lentil, tomato and chickpea curry with crispy onions‘ take you fancy?

Here is a lovely idea from @ZofPants ‘How about Spanish Lentejas? Brown lentils boiled up with stock, potatoes & carrots. Nice with crusty bread’ A Brilliant idea for these cold evenings! Simple but megga tasty!

Lentils for lunch? @jfitz42Carrot and lentil pate sounds spot on!

Or a wonderful sounding soup suggested by @vegsoup4thesoul ‘spiced #carrot, #bramley #apple and #lentil #soup’ @TheVeggieGreen suggested this super tasty sounding ‘#chickpea and #lentil #stew‘. Or a superb ‘Lentil #bolognaise‘? @foodtoinclude How about a simply stunning ‘Green lentil Mousakka‘!?! Fancy a beautiful vegan ‘Shepherds #pie‘? Looks amazing!! Or a ‘no meat and #potato #pie‘ from @fullbelliesOAB

What a brilliant collection of recipies! thanks Guys!

Dont forget to check out other suggestions shared by looking us up @veganrecipehour on twitter!

#Tofu-riffic #veganrecipehour

Once again, many thanks for your participation in #veganrecipehour.

We had another overwhelmingly amazing response and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for joining us! Im especially pleased as there were loads of photos and conversations between you lovely peeps! One went on until gone 11pm!! (you know who you are lol)  of course you just need to search #tofu or #veganrecipehour on twitter and you have every interaction literally at your fingertips!!

The topic of conversation this time was #tofu. This was chosen as its a bit of a stereotypical #vegan #vegetarian ingredient. Its also a pretty bland, funny looking unwelcoming substance to the uninitiated! BUT… as we have all proved, its amazingly versatile, useful, inexpensive and, once seasoned and cooked properly, very very tasty! its also super healthy!

So, lets get to the recipies!!

Check out this ‘nutty crusted Tofu‘ from’coconut and berries’. You can also find many other wonderful Tofu ideas! Take a look! eg Pesto-Ricotta Tofu Omelettes with Cherry Tomato, Soy Sesame silken soba noodles sound pretty special from @veganupnorth

We had some great useful tips:

Dorset Vegan@Dorset_vegan ‘This is my fave tip for tofu – freeze in packet and then defrost and drain – gives chewier texture’.

Damian Copeland@DocDamo ‘Freezing tofu opens up the texture which makes it perfect for marinades – always looking for new marinade ideas btw!’

Mr Fullbellies@BRYNFISH Mash some #tofu, lemon juice, garlic salt and sauted leeks bake in a w/meal pastry base 30min. Hello #vegan quiche’

 Every had trouble with pressing tofu? Its a bit tricky at times isnt it! Also, if you dont know you have to do it, it can be a bit of a distaster! this is a lovely and useful guide…plus a beautiful recipe!

Soup anyone? I personally cant wait to try this! It looks and sounds superb! Pea and ‘ham’ soup!

Many of you seem to love a nice tofu scramble! Take a look at this awesome sandwich from @theflexitarian A simply gorgeous looking Portobello Mushrooms & Tofu Scramble Ciabatta Sandwich!

And another gorgeous looking sandwich from @KleaAndron:‘Not quite a recipe but my favourite #vegan sandwich! taifun pizza tofu,vegusto cheese, pickles,saladHow wonderfully colourful is that!? How can you possibly not want to eat it! Lush!Fancy trying ‘#tofu with #Thai #coconut #Peanut sauce‘ Tasty!

And of course there are sweet #tofu recipies!! Veganvoxblog recommends this Cheesecake recipe  from the wonderful ‘Essential Vegan’ cook book. Fancy some ‘Tofu chocolate brownies‘ from @fullbelliesOAB.What about a Smoothie!? One that helps to fight off those pesky coldsores!?!! Brilliant! Food that heals the outide and the inside!!

I think these are the perfect words to sign off with….

I never realized that other people love tofu as much as me. You gotta love #veganrecipehour great topic guys!’




The first squashtastic vegan recipe hour!

Hello again!

Thank you for all of the contributions to the very first #veganrecipehour! If you didn’t get to join us, here is a round up of what happened!

The topic of the week was #squash.

Squash, to some is a bit of a veg rack warmer. This hard skinned sometimes rather heavy lump of vegetable, seems to be more trouble than its worth! But, believe me, its well, well worth the effort!

In its most simple form, it is beautiful simply cut in half, seeds scooped out (save these!) and roast in the oven yum!

Regarding the seeds, I tend to just sort them out from the stringy bits and place them on a baking sheet with a little olive oil and a tiny pinch of salt. You can also use paprika, herbs, chilli etc, they are also nice with a little sugar and cinnamon. Bake on around 180c for about 20 minutes, you can tell when they are done as they sound kinds crispy! They are also easy to burn so, keep a close eye on them! perfect on salads, soups or as a lovely snack.

Here is a really handy identification guide,
There are so many shapes and sizes of squash, its useful to know a little bit about them and also, to sound like you are a Veggie expert and show off a bit or,it might come in handy in a pub quiz! There are more guides to be found on ‘tinternet but, I liked this one as Id actually seen some these varieties!
But of course this is only a tempting glimpse into the world of #squash! There is a myriad of options from here!

Thank you to everyone for their beautiful, creative recipes and also for taking the time to post links to recipes!

How about a nice and ‘spicy Thai butternut squash soup‘ or a superb ‘Roast pumpkin Linguine‘ Courtesty of @Vegsoup4thesoul. Many thanks to @theflexitarian for this recipe for ‘#kale salad with roasted #butternut #squash’.

Here is another lovely recipe for ‘Pumpkin Soup‘ from @jasminetrinity. Yum! Or a ‘Stuffed Squash‘ Fabulous! Thank you to @fullbelliesOAB for this ‘ Chowder style bake‘ recipe. Yummy and totally belly filling! Or what about a ‘Spicy pumpkin coconut stew‘. Tasty!
Another stuffed #squash recipe can he found here. This time its a ‘Wild Rice-Stuffed Squash with Chanterelles’ Wowee!

We had some lovely ideas from @witchyaggie The first…. Embedded image permalink
How to make a pumpkin puree followed by these two lovely recipe ideas: How to make a ‘Pumpkin spice Syrup‘ and a ‘Pumpkin spice Cake‘ How about a ‘Pumpkin pie‘?! yum!!

Another awesome idea came in from @lukeberman. ‘Butternut #squash infused RumAn alcoholic drink with pumpkin! So, we can have starters, mains, pudding and a superb cocktail all featuring #squash!

Of course, this is only a glimpse of what was shared on #veganrecipehour! Please take a look at twitter under hash tag ‘veganrecipehour’ for more pictures, links and amazing inspiring ideas!

Hello and welcome!

This is the first ever post on the @veganrecipehour blog! (woohoo!)

Thank you to all who took part and thank you to all who have now visited the Blog site! In the next few days, we will publish a condensed version of the ‘Hour’, showing tips and links to the fabulous recipies that were tweeted!

If you dont see yours on the Blog, its probably because we missed it! Just send a DM or tweet us to let us know and we will do our best to add it.

Just a recap of what to do on the night of ‘veganrecipehour’:

Simply look out for the topic chosen. For example, the first one was #squash.

make sure you tweet @veganrecipehour with the #veganrecipehour and the #of the topic ie this time #squash. this, hopefully, will make it easy enough to find you all!


#veganrecipehour roundup Ⓥ