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#orientalvegan theme 27th March 2014

We had a brilliantly busy and fun #veganrecipehour on 27th March thank you all who turned up! The theme was #orientalvegan following a brilliant suggestion from @pandoarnitemare
@vegandisco was ready to go with this impressive pile of on topic books!

Have you ever wondered about the different types of #tofu? Just what is the difference!?


Thank you very much to @lilmissmeatfree for this gorgeous recipe for ‘Chinese Sweet and Sour with Cashew nuts.
@jasminetrinity suggested thus totally yummy recipe for an ‘ Asian Fusion Salad’ Beautiful Sesame and chilli flavours with one of my favourites, smoked tofu! She also suggested this ‘Bean & Noodle Salad’ Yum!

How about trying ‘Grilled Tofu‘ with sweet Chilli sauce and noodles? Totally tummy @potatostrong

Have you tried Seaweed in your recipes? How about giving this fabulous ‘Hijiki-Carrot Salad, Avocado-Cucumber Sushi‘ Thank you @coconut_berries!
Take a peek at this photograph from @vegsoup4thesoul Its a gorgeous serving suggestion for ‘Easy oriental inspired lunch: rice noodles, mixed raw veg, toasted peanuts, sweet chilli sauce’ Yumo! Yet another brilliant recipe suggestion from @RawVeganista ‘spicy green coconut-based soup’
Another gorgeous meal idea came in from @pandoranitemare ‘Stirfry with peanut, chilli & tahini dressing & sesame tofu ‘
Be sure to have a look at this idea for ‘#Rawvegan sushi! This ‘Asian-fusion maki featured avocado, kimchi, & parsnip “rice”’?

A wonderful classic has to be a Blackbean dish! So, how about this ‘3 bean Blackbean stirfry’ Thank you again @jasminetrinity
Or do you fancy a noodle dish recipe? ‘Peanut butter, lime and sesame noodles’ from @lilmissmeatfree
This looks and sounds superb! ‘Tofu Pecan Balls with Sweet and Sour Sauce’ recipe.
How yummy is this fabulous recipe ‘Hijiki Tofu Burgers and carrot dressing’ from @vegangela
Broccoli fried rice? Superb!

This is just a small sample of all the amazing suggestions and discussions we had on the night! Please be sure to check out twitter using the hashtag #veganrecipehour to search for more!

As always, here are a few quotes from the night! Happy eating!

@veganNeil I also add dried seaweed to noodles. Makes a cheap wholesome easy lunch in a bowl for work’

@Dorset_Vegan I marinade my tofu in ginger, garlic, soy sauce and Mirin b4 frying love it!’

Top tofu tip freeze tofu then defrost and squeeze out water – makes it chewier and less mushy’

‘@TheVeggieGreen If looking for Eastern sauce for noodles,veg or tofu,mix crunchy peanut butter,soy sauce,maple syrup,cayenne,water,whisk’

‘@vegsoup4thesoul Teriyaki sauce: 3tbsp darksoysauce,3tbsp ricewine,2tbsp agave,1tbs cornfl, 1tbsp gratd gingr, ½tbsp garlic puree, 250ml H2O’

‘@pandoranitemare Simple Satay sauce 1tblsp peanut butter,1tsp each chilli sauce, soy sauce & rice syrup – great on parsnips before roasting’