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#veganlunch theme 13th November 2014

Lunch isn’t always easy if you follow a #plantbased diet. I do find, the better prepared i am, the better my lunch is! Less toast and more bowl of amazing salads!

Finding a proper lunch on the go is still not so easy.  In larger towns, there does seem to be an increase in choices but, where I am, there isn’t a lot to choose from to be honest. If we are going out for the day, we tend to take our own food.

Let’s have a look at what you like to make:

The Humble Sandwich, Boring? I think not! This Tangy Curried #chickpea option from @Fettlevegan looks rather special. How about a Chick ‘n’ salad sandwich? @TheFlexitarian shared this Portobello #mushroom and #tofu scramble suggestion Yum! they also shared this ever so lovely Medditeranean sandwich and this lovely No chicken coronation sandwich idea.On a similar theme. here is am awesome sounding #Rawvegan #Taco filling from @TheRawRockChick.  Need some #Mayonaise with that? How about a grilled Cheeze Panini from @FettleVegan? This is a great recipe! Thank you to @Potatostrong for sharing the idea for no cheese Quesedillas, nice! @ChubbaNia shared her #glutenfree recipe for Grilled Cheeze sandiwches. How about @Ephemerienne’s suggestion for Sandwich vert. Why not try #Tofu and #shitake banh wraps from @Leicveggie. This is a great list of sandwich inspiration that I myself use. I first had it from the Vegan Society Website before it all changed. I found it so useful and think it’s sad that its not on there anymore!

I love garlic and rice so, this is a perfect lunch for me! Plus, it will keep the Vampires away ;O) Here is @livingfoodlove‘s fab Filipino Garlic rice. The lovely @VeganCoaching shared their suggestion of an open top sandwich. Another lovely rice salad here from @TheFlexitarian. in the shape of a #Butternut squash and #Kale black rice salad with #ginger and #lime dressing. Or try a warm #lentil salad. oh yummy, I adore chickpeas. this #Aubergine #mango salad with spicy #chickpeas will hit the spot!

This blog post from @apriltui is really helpful if you are wanting to make snack boxes. It’s a really useful guide about getting a great balance of tastes, textures and nutrition. She also shared this lovely #courgette/#zucchini #hummus recipe.

This is a lovely suggestion from @Livingfoodlove. A #Peach #kale salad with Korean style dressing.

If you have a bit more time, this #mexican #mushrooms recipe from @Vegsoup4thesoul sounds fab. I say Yum yum to this Malaysian style Laksa soup! Or a lovely super shoots and seeds salad.

So much to choose from!

I do have a confession to make though. I have left off the Soups as we are having a whole Soup theme on 27th! I didn’t want to double up too much. I hope that’s ok!



#Fermentedfood theme 9th October 2014.

I have been looking forward to this theme for ages! I have only just started to make fermented food. My husband and I made some #kimchi and also some #sauerkraut. Both of which have (almost to my surprise) gone really well!

Our #sauerkraut and #kimchi
Our #sauerkraut and #kimchi

We also have made #sourdough bread for a few years now. This is how we made it. @PaulYoud also has a nice blog post on the subject.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to @Kraut_source. (website) for joining us as special guests. The shared so many amazing photographs and ideas. I know a lot of people really enjoyed learning about the whole process. Check out this video to learn more. Please have a good look through the @veganrecipehour twitter feed for loads of amazing photographs and tweets.

This is an amazing #pintrest board all about why we should eat #fermentedfoods. So much amazing information and advice!

A lovely way (and the way i started) to get into fermented foods is to try #Sauerkraut. This is a lovely #blog post from @AnnieLevy121. Entitled ‘A Rainbow of Sauerkrauts

Check out the amazing colour of this #Quinoa #rejuvelac made by @apriltui. With a super handy ‘how to‘ guide. This amazing liquid is packed full of goodness and it great for making nut cheeses. Talking about #vegancheese, here is a perfect recipe! #Walnut and #apricot Nut Cheese. Look at the colour of this #Sauerkraut How amazing is that!?

Many thanks to @AnnieLevy121 for sharing this #Vegan ‘Chicken soup’ jam packed with restorative niceness to make you feel that little bit better. This #fermented #harissa sounds amazing! Thank you for also sharing this #fermented #beetroot elixer.  This is particularly enticing.. a Plum Kimchi. How about this Aztec cocoa chilli Aphrodisiac!?

There was a lot of talk about a ‘SCOBY’ Apart from sounding like some off cartoon character, this is in act something fascinating and really useful.

SCOBY is actually an acronym for ‘Symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast’ yes, slightly less appealing now hey! This is the science bit. But how does that translate into something we can actually consume? You can use it to make something called #Kombucha. Kombucha is a tea. But one consumed for its health benefits. This is a lovely article that explains it all really well. Also check out this #blog post from @AnnieLevy121

This is in no way a comprehensive post of all of the information shared. I urge you to click on the links and explore for yourself. This is such a huge topic and I freely admit I’m no expert! But, that’s why #VRH is so useful. Swapping information is an amazing way to learn.


#Vegankids theme 4th Spetember 2014

I thought we would try something a little bit different for this #veganrecipehour and I’m pleased to say that I think it worked it worked out well.

We forget that its not only adults that eat a #vegan diet, its Children too.  Maybe you have been Vegan from an early age and have brought your Kids up that way so its a natural progression. Maybe you have chosen to change your diet/lifestyle and now your whole family eat a different diet. Or, you need some help and advice on how to go about making vegan food appeal to your Kids as they are use to something different.

I know I personally fancied trying most of he things suggested during #veganrecipehour!

Many thanks to @VeganGeezer for the many suggestions and ideas during #VRH. there are so many what I cant do the justice. I recommend that you take a look at the @veganrecipehour twitter feed to catch up with them all. Here are a few to whet your appetite!

‘Always keep fruit & veg on show for #vegankids snacks’ (photo)

an interesting thought:

‘A good tip is to get talking to teachers here & there, after a while ask what if a vegan diet was a religious requirement?’

Take a look at these photos of an amazing meal from @sankariOm The suggestion of letting Kids build their own middle eastern vegan lunch.

‘Green falafel, hummus, pitas, mutubal, eggplant/yogurt dip, fruity cous cous’

Sounds divine! Thank you for sharing!

How awesome do these Marinated #tempeh #kebabs look and sound? @apriltui says they are a big hit with her Kids.

Who says dinner time has to be serious? These Funny Broccoli plates from @Ephemerienne are great fun!  (translate) A nice Mac ‘n’ cheese recipe usually goes down well!. How about #sandwich inspiration? How exciting does Monster potatoes and chard in a swamp sound!? Just look at those photos! How cool is that!?!

You cant go far wrong with a #Pizza. Thank you to @Potatostrong for sharing this idea  and these Fat free potato chips sound pretty fab too!

This is something I also really enjoy ‘Breaded #tofu in a bun’. If you treat #tofu the right way, press it, drain and season well, its a total revelation. I adore the stuff! thank you @TansysKitchen for sharing.

Have a peek at this photo from @TheMoralMunch. Isnt that a dinner that kids would love? that colours and flavours…yum! Paprika Sweet Potato Wedges + Guacamole + Homemade BBQ Sauce. Wow!

@lilmissmeatfree‘s Niece’s love these #Pea and #courgette #fritters. I’m sure I would too!

Talking of gorgeous photos, this one from @Flavourphotos is fabulous! She says:

‘I like adding lots of ‘goodness’ to things that are treats, e.g. seeds, dried fruit, stewed apple’

This is a great selection of  tasty sounding Kiddie friendly dishes from @SentientChef ‘Creamy #cauliflower sause 5 ways‘ What a brilliant lot of variations for #pasta loving kids!

How about sweet snacks? @SentientChef shared this lovely recipe for #Banana & chocolate chip muffins. Thats yet another thing on my ‘To make’ list!!

Take a look at this beautiful suggestion from @livingfoodlove Honeydew melon and watermelon balls look amazing!

I adore the sound of these ‘Bliss balls’ from @apriltui . Check out this suggestion for #Raw #Lemon drops too. Yum! and a basic #icecream recipe has to be a hit!!

Nom….Nom…nom …nom! I know my tummy is rumbling, I’m off to make a peanutbutter sandwich to celebrate writing up this #blog post 😉 xx

Summer #salad theme 10th july 2014

How glad was i that the weather behaved itself for our Summer ‘salad theme!?! As I’m writing this, I can hear the Birds singing away, the sun is shining down and the grass is trying to convince me to go and cut it. Alas, i think I would actually melt and that would lead all all sorts of problems ;o) These are some of my #lettuce plants growing in the garden. They are too pretty to eat! well, maybe…

DSC_0001Lets have a look at these #salads then! I can honestly say, the collection is a superb one! Salads don’t have to be boring! These suggestions certainly aren’t!

Lets start with these suggestions from @lilmissmeatfree Warm #squash #salad with #sesame and #orange‘. Very nice! Or a lovely ‘#sweetpotato and roasted #radish salad with a #chive and #lime dressing‘ I love a nice ‘Tabbouleh‘ This one looks yummy! I like to use #millet sometimes instead for a change #glutenfree

This suggestion from @dear-kitchen is super tasty. Check out their ‘Two Summer #salads‘ suggestion.

Have a peek at this salad idea from @rosieapples its a totally fab ‘#Blue Cheese (vegan), #Walnuts, #Pomegranate, Pink #Grapefruit, Seeds, Croutons, #Tamari, #Agave & #Cider Dressing’

Here is another photo of a lovely salad from @SentientChef who also shared this suggestion of ‘#Walnut, #Turmeric and sun dried #Tomato Super #Detox Salad

Many thanks to @RawVeganista for sharing this ‘#Favabean salad‘ idea.  Another lovely idea came via @LoraxCommunity in the shape of a tongue tingling ‘spicy #sesame salad with #wasabi #aioli

#Potato salad? This one suggested by @suindependent sounds great!

This is a great link for #vegan ‘salad #dressings’ or fancy a #coleslaw/#mayonaise? as shared by @ChubbaNia. @FlavourPhotos shared this idea for a ‘#Summer super salad‘ @MarchpaneMedlar shared this lovely recipe for an ‘Edible #flower salad‘ So pretty!
This is a great idea from @RawStylist:

‘Grilled romaine lettuce with strawberries, walnuts, scramble tofu, dried cranberries and mango n avocado, with balsamic vinegar’

Talking of #Tofu, how about this idea from @VeganChatroom.

Many thanks once again to @TheFlexitarian for sharing this amazing selection of recipes: ‘#carrot salad‘ ”Panzanella‘ ‘#Aubergine salad with Spicy roasted #chickpeas‘ ‘#Mango #Tabbouleh‘ ‘#fennel #radish and #pea #mint salad‘ ‘#Asparagus #kale salas with #tahini dressing‘ and last but not least, ‘#Kale salad with roasted butternut #squash and #peanut #tofu‘ Yummmmm!!

This ‘#Eggplant salad with #Cajun dressing‘ from @myveggieweb sounds superb. Or what about ‘#Kale salad with fried #casher #cheese and #pickled #beets‘ from @GirlEatsGreens!?

Make sure you have alook at this superb video shared by @lethalfizzle!How to make a ‘#Cauliflower power salad‘ Brilliant!

Thank you all! What a brilliant collection! So, the next time you hear someone say ‘Salads are boring’ point them in this direction!!



#Kohlrabi theme June 19th 2014

Kohlrabi! Ever heard of it?

I personally really like it and have been growing them for the last couple of years. They are however quite hard to get hold of it seems and some people don’t know what they are. So, if you see them for sale at a farmers market of at the supermarket (I also find they are sold in Oriental supermarkets) buy some and have a go at these recipes!

Image#Kohlrabi belongs to the #Brassica family and there are white and purple varieties. Did you know that Kohlrabi is also sometimes called ‘knol-khol’ or ‘German Turnip’? #Kohlrabi also has a mega amount of vitamin-C! 62 mg per 100g! that is about 102% of RDA. Wow!

Lets have a look at some recipe ideas.

A nice and simple but really tasty ‘#roasted #kohlrabi‘ is a great way to start. How about giving these ‘Baked #kohlrabi homefrys‘ a shot. Or fancy trying a ‘#kohlrabi #puree‘? Lovely! Another lovely idea is ‘#chilli dusted #kohlrabi #fries’. Tasty! Fancy gping #raw? Im definitely going to be trying some ‘#rawvegan #kohlarbi #fries‘ soon! For a more warming dish, why not try this lovely ‘#kohlrabi #soup

This ‘#kohlrabi and #cabbage #salad with #maple #lemon #dressing’ sounds awesome! Or a ‘#kale and #kohlrabi #salad‘  How about giving ‘#curried red #lenil #kohlrabi and #couscous #salad‘ a try? With a gorgeous ‘#kohlrabi #slaw with #dill

Check out the really interesting ‘#pickles #kohlrabi’ recipe on this link.

Thank you to @VewganChatRoom for suggesting some tasty recipes.

Kohlrabi Fries with Vegan Cheese Sauce‘ That sounds sooo yummy! How about another tasty sounding #soup? this time its ‘Kohlrabi and Carrot Soup‘ Lets round off with this uber yummy ‘Vegan #kohlrabi hashbrown skillet‘ I wouldn’t say no!

How are your #veganising skills?  This recipe for ‘#Kohlrabi #remoulade‘ can easily be made #vegan. Thanks @vegsoup4thesoul. This recipe can also be (It works honest!) #veganised by leaving out the egg and replacing the meat for #soyamince and using your favourite #vegan alternatives. ‘German style stuffed #kohlrabi’ . ‘Veganising’ is usually possible with a few changes and replacements here and there. I personally find most things work just fine! So, don’t throw away those old none #vegan cook books, just use your imagination and be confident! After all, if you like all of the ingredients, chances are, you will like the end result!

This is a lovely article with some great recipes as a bonus!

Thank you so much for this Brilliant #kohlrabi recipe ideas roundup from @vegan_hausfrau! Amazing!

Here are some #kohlrabi growing in my #vegpatch at home. The slugs and snails seem to like them!! These are purple ones. I grew white ones last year. Image

So, if you didnt know what to do with the strange veggie… you do now!

Happy cooking and ..eating!

#Rawvegan Theme 12th June 2014


The #rawvegan theme was amazing! (even if I do say so myself!) I am personally (or was before this!) a total novice when it comes to this subject and was looking forward to en educational hour. I was not let down! Only problem is… what do I make first!!

A raw vegan diet is defined as on that ‘Excludes all food and products of animal origin, as well as food cooked at a temperature above 48°C (118°F) (link) What can be eaten then? Well, all sorts reallyl! Nuts, grains, veggies, pulses. There more or less always seems to be a #raw way of doing it! There are many methods of preparing food as well Soaking, Sprouting, dehydrating, blending, fermenting, pickling and juicing are all acceptable methods.

We were lucky to have @RawVeganista educating us on the subject. They have consumed a Raw #plantbased diet for over 8 yrs so, its safe to say they know a thing or two! Just take a look at this. The contents of their #rawvegan fridge! YUM!


We were also treated to a LIVE cookery demo by @VeganChatRoom! They made some amazing looking (and sounding) ‘#Raw sesame fudge‘ Follow these Photos for progress! 1 2  3  and the finished article!  It looks amazing doesn’t it!?

Thank you to @dear_kitchen for this  totally yummy recipe for ‘Valentines day Mousse‘. i cant wait to go shopping to get he ingredients for that!

How about ‘Raw Mint Brownies‘ from the always amazing @Ephemerienne#Raw #strawberry #pie‘  or a ‘#raw keylime #pie‘ I shall definately be trying those out!

#Mango #Chia pudding‘ sounds superb! @TheFlexitarian. How about a decadent treat brought to us by @dear_kitchen #raw #chocolate #cakeoh wow!I dont mind if I do…! Fancy a ‘Mini #RawVegan #Chocolate #Cheesecake‘? I know I do! From @SlowCookeryClub. Or a totally stunning ‘#raspberry #cheesecake‘ brought to us by @monicashaw.

Mmm ‘#chocolate #brownies#’ from @VeganTrinity, yes please! And a Brilliant step by step video guide on how to make ‘#raw vegan #choclolate‘! Oh my! Or, #raw #chocolate and #blueberry lovehearts‘. Yes, yes and erm…yes please!

Why not give these amazing ‘#carrot #cake #donuts‘ a go? Dont they look gorgeous!? Thank you also to @VeganChatRoom for sharing one of their favourites ‘#raw #chocolate mousse


This recipe is fascinating! I must try it one day soon. ‘#Raw Vegan ‘#butter‘? @rawveganista

Thank you to @TheFlexitarian for sharing this recipe for ‘Celeriac Remoulade With Carrots‘ or an amazing ‘#cashew #creamcheese’!?  This is a fascinating recipe for ‘#carrot leaf #pesto‘ from @TheFlexitarian. #lovefoodhatewaste! (I would personally swap the cheese for #nutritional yeast or leave it out, unless you want to add a Vegan cheese of course. ‘Brussels #Sprouts #Coleslaw With #Pomegranates‘ and a yummy ‘#Fennel, #Radish and #Pea Mint #Salad’

Why not try a legendary ‘#zoodle’ recipe? This one from @apriltui sounds lush! Or a lovely ‘Moroccan-Style #Carrot and Beet #Salad’ shared by @SlowCookeryClub. Thank you again to @vegantriniry for this suggestion of ‘#walnut, #turmeric sundried #tomato #salad‘ And another gorgeous recipe from @Rawveganista#raw vegan hard shell #tacos‘ Just fabulous!

We even have a drink for you to try thanks to @apriltui#Raw #elderflower cordial and Champagne‘ Whats even more fab is, you can use it for this #cheesecake recipe! How Fab is that!

Thank you to every one who shared these amazing recipes and also to every one who participated on the night!

Please check out @veganrecipehour for more gorgeous vegan foodie tweets!

#homemadevegan theme 5th June 2014

Something a bit different this time. The topic of conversation was #homemadevegan. We were looking for your favourite recipes and suggestions for homemade condiments, chutneys pickles, sauces etc. You (once again) did not let us down! We were absolutely spoiled for choice!

Lets take a look at the Savoury side of things.

This recipe for ‘Sweet Chilli Sauce’ from @Vegsoup4thesoul is great! Perfect for dipping a tasty spring roll into! next are two lovely recipes for Chutneys from @YogivegetarianNo sugar cranberry ginger chutney’ and a super tasty ‘Fiery Green Tomato, Lemon and Chilli Chutney’ How about a super tasty ‘Beetroot and apple chutney‘ from @fullbelliesOAB. Or a lovely ‘Onion Jam‘ (savory of course!) from @Ephemerienne, who also brought us this recipe for ‘Hot pepper Puree‘ Thank you!

Fancy some ‘Pickled Cucumber‘? I love pickled cucumber! So nice with… everything! thank you @Facelessfood!

We were extremely lucky to have two marvelous recipes for ‘Kimchi’ This one *Kimchi*  from @veganupNorth and another *Kimchi* recipe from @YogiVegetarian! 

This is a lovely recipe for ‘Dill Mayonaise‘ from @emisgoodeating. Fancy a fab ‘BBQ sauce” for on the burger or for a ‘Chip dip’? Look no further!  @greedyvegangirl. How amazing is this ‘Blueberry Ketchup‘ from @ChubbaNia!

Lets have a little look at some sweet recipes:

This ‘Lemon marmalade‘ From @FacelessFood sounds divine!

This is a brilliant quick and simple ‘Raw Jam’ recipe from @demassacre 

‘Raw jam: 1 cup berries, tbsp flax, tbsp chia, drop of lemon, drop of vanilla and blend for 30 seconds :)’


Something a little different? Why not try a ‘Green tomato Jam‘ as suggested by @theFlexitarian or a decadent treat of ‘Caramel sauce‘…..Oh go on then, if you insist……hehe! This is beautiful recipe for ‘Nectarine Curd’ brought to us by @veganupnorth sounds so, so yummy!

This section, I have decided to call ‘others’ They are all #homemadevegan recipes that were suggested on the night they are too Fabulous to leave out!

Lets start with a ‘Sundried Tomato Hummus‘ from @greedyvegangirl.Salt perfumed with balsalmic vinegar‘ from @Ephemerienne. Whatabout a super tasty ‘Potato Salad with Thick Tofu Dressing‘ from @Yogivegetarian. This ‘Cashewnut cream‘ sounds absolutely amazing! I cant wait to try it on some fresh fruit! thank you @theflexitarian! Here is a fab recipe for  ‘Lemonbalm,Ginger and Pumpkin seed pate‘ brilliant! my Lemonbalm is huge this year! Cheers! @trinityBourne. Last, but not least, here are two great recipes from the every wonderful @lilmissmeatfreeSalsa’ and an every so tasty ‘Cooler Dip‘ for spicy Jerk seasoned Potato chips! Wowee!

I told you didn’t I! What a fab array of #homemadevegan thing to make!



#mushroom theme 29th May 2014


I was really surprised at just how popular #mushrooms are! The topic made for a really busy #veganrecipehour! Lets take a look at the humble #mushroom and see why we should be eating it.

They are packed with helpful, healthy vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Potassium for Blood pressure control, Niacin is great for your skin, digestive and nervous system, selenium (an anti oxidant), Riboflavin which helps look after your red blood cells, Copper for red blood cell production to mention a few.

There are also so many varieties to choose from. I know in the UK, over the last few years, it has been possible to buy large ranges from most supermarkets. If not, there tends to be a choice of white, chestnut, button and usually a larger open mushroom of varying sorts. Dont forget tinned mushrooms in water etc for stirfry’s and the like. Or, I’ve bought them in pouches before. Also dried mushrooms are hugely useful in dishes and in making Mushroom stock.

ImageSo, lets see what tasty gorgeousness was suggested!

Thank you to @Facelessfood for joining us and suggesting this lovely recipe for their gorgeous ‘#mushroom #byriani‘ Yum!

@ephemerienne once again treated us to many lovely recipes, here are a couple to whet your appetite! More can be found on our #twitter feed ‘#Mushroom and greens #salad‘ ‘Mushroom and kale Alfredo

@vegsoup4thesoul Suggested some amazing recipe ideas! such as ‘Mexican Mushrooms‘ ‘#BBQ ‘pulled-Pork’ mushrooms!‘ ‘Malaysian laksa-style soup’

Many thank s once agian to the lovely @Jasminetrinity for her tasty suggestions: ‘Mushroom Ragu‘  ‘#mushroom and #spinach #pie‘ and ‘#Kale and #mushroom #stirfry’ Check out this amazing #pintrest board too! Packed full of tasty #mushroom recipe ideas!

@Leicveggie shared this lovely ‘#Lentil #Stew‘ (with mushrooms) with us. Thank you to @VeganTrinity for sharing their tasty recipe for ‘Mushroom, broccolli & Coconut Soup‘ with us.  This lovely #noodle dish comes from the ever wonderful @lilmissmeatfree Creamy Thai Mushroom Noodles’ tasty!! A warn welcome to the lovely @mintgrapefruit who I am pleased to say, shared their lovely recipe for ‘Mushroom & Cauliflower Pasta‘with us. Thank you! A wonderful array of #mushroom recipes can be found here courtesy of the wonderful @vegangela wowee!

@TheFlexitarian were extremely generous with their suggestions such as; ‘Creamy Kale & Mushroom Soba Noodles‘ or ‘#mushrooms on #Butternut #Polenta Galettes‘ or how about a fab ‘#Asparagus & #mushroom Lasagna’!?  Staying on a #pasta theme, @veganfoodchat were kind enough to share this recipe for ‘Cannellini-Stuffed Potatoes

Thank you to @SlowCookeryClub for sharing this really interesting suggestion of ‘soy-pickled shiitakes’. I shall be making some of those asap! @PaulYoud suggested we try some lovely ‘stuffed mushroom parcels’ and @avocadoplease shared a really amazingly tasty looking recipe for ‘#mushroom #burgers with #Asian slaw‘! Absolutely brilliant!

What a fantastic selection of amazingly tasty recipes! There isn’t mushroooom for any more… ahem… hehe! *hides*

Thank you once again for making it a wonderful #veganrecipehour. Check out more tweets on our feed!

Celebration Competition!

This competition has now closed.

Thank you to everyone who entered! The winner was @fruitycherries7 Congratulations!

I’m so, so, so proud that we have just reached 2500 followers on Twitter! (@veganrecipehour)

We thought ‘what better way to celebrate than to have a give away competition!’ We are extremely lucky that @Scoffsweets have provided us with such an awesome #vegan prize!


You can win an amazing ‘hamper’ containing:

4 packets of fudge: vanilla, chocolate, ginger, & coconut & toasted almond & 3 boxes of truffles: dark choc, amaretto & coconut

All you have to do is ‘Retweet‘ one of our competition tweets when you see them! Your name will be put into a hat and chosen at random. Sorry, but this is open to UK followers only.

We will announce the winner at the end of the next #veganrecipehour 5th June 2014! Woohoo!

Make sure you also follow our good friends @ScoffSweets too! Thanks to for the pictures!

#vegancake theme 22nd may 2014

I remember seeing a Tweet a few weeks ago. It asked: ‘Does anyone know any good #Vegancake recipes please?’

The answer, from an oh so helpful individual was:

‘There arent any! Hahahaa!’…. Hmmm……..Time to prove them wrong? I think so!

ImageWhen we announced the theme was going to be #vegancake, it was met with a lot of excitement! We were not let down on the night! There was an absolute deluge of amazing, tasty, gorgeous cakes being tweeted. There were so many, its been hard to ’round them up’! I’d not want to let anyone down so, here it goes! Prepare for a Cakefest!

Lets start with these yummy offerings from @lilmissmeatfree Fancy a bit of ‘Mocha Cake‘ As an added bonus, we get to use some @orzocoffee Website (organic Barley coffee) A beautiful ‘Victoria Sponge with strawberry balsamic jam‘ or how about some ‘Oreo Cupcakes‘ Be sure to check the packaging though, as some imported versions are not suitable. Or a nice ‘Sticky ginger cake‘  Gorgeousness!

Many thanks to @themisfitbaker for sharing their recipe for a ‘Cinnamon coffee swirl Bundt cake‘ Yummy! and these really interesting  ‘Apple cupcakes with smokey maple frosting‘.

#glutenfree dougnut anyone? Check out these from @FreeFromFavour wowee! Another #dougnut recipe was suggested by @SlowcookeryClubBaked banana-bourbon donuts with cashew cream cheese frosting‘ Fabulousness!

Do you use #Carob? Why not give this recipe from @VeganTrinity a go  ‘#Carob and #coconut cake its also #glutenfree. Many thanks to @jfits42 for sharing their recipe for ‘Ultimate #Chocolate #orange #cupcakes‘ . Have a peek at this recipe from @Ephemerienne Simple Vegan Chocolate cake‘. Need something a little more healthy? Have a look at this gorgous cake! All we need is some sunny weather!

Fancy a nice tart hehe! Try this ‘Vegan Apricot tart‘ superb! Via @TheFlexitarian. Or a #Strawberry version​ With a nod to one of our previous themes of #rhubarb, here is another of their recipes for ‘#Rhubarb Linzer Torte

More #Cupcakes? What that? You need more cupcakes? How about these then? ‘Yogurt Frosting cupcakes‘ #glutenfree. Have a good scorll through the #blog for many, many more gorgeous recipes!

A great suggestion from @PaulYoud was his simple Vegan Chocolate CakeIt doesn’t get much easier than that! Or how about a ‘Carrot Cake‘ or a superb ‘Vegan Parkin‘ We are spoiled for choice! Still on a #chocolate theme, have a look at this recipe as suggested by @vegsoup4thesoul ‘Death by Chocolate’ Yum! Don’t worry if you are in a hurry! Have a go at this recipe suggested by @BRYNFISHVegan #chocolate mug cake‘! wowee!

So, do you think we have answered the question?! I reckon so! But always remember…….if you need an excuse….

ImageOnce again thank you to the amazing #vegancommunity on twitter and please check out the @veganrecipehour twitter feed from more hints, tips, chat and recipes.