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Summer #salad theme 10th july 2014

How glad was i that the weather behaved itself for our Summer ‘salad theme!?! As I’m writing this, I can hear the Birds singing away, the sun is shining down and the grass is trying to convince me to go and cut it. Alas, i think I would actually melt and that would lead all all sorts of problems ;o) These are some of my #lettuce plants growing in the garden. They are too pretty to eat! well, maybe…

DSC_0001Lets have a look at these #salads then! I can honestly say, the collection is a superb one! Salads don’t have to be boring! These suggestions certainly aren’t!

Lets start with these suggestions from @lilmissmeatfree Warm #squash #salad with #sesame and #orange‘. Very nice! Or a lovely ‘#sweetpotato and roasted #radish salad with a #chive and #lime dressing‘ I love a nice ‘Tabbouleh‘ This one looks yummy! I like to use #millet sometimes instead for a change #glutenfree

This suggestion from @dear-kitchen is super tasty. Check out their ‘Two Summer #salads‘ suggestion.

Have a peek at this salad idea from @rosieapples its a totally fab ‘#Blue Cheese (vegan), #Walnuts, #Pomegranate, Pink #Grapefruit, Seeds, Croutons, #Tamari, #Agave & #Cider Dressing’

Here is another photo of a lovely salad from @SentientChef who also shared this suggestion of ‘#Walnut, #Turmeric and sun dried #Tomato Super #Detox Salad

Many thanks to @RawVeganista for sharing this ‘#Favabean salad‘ idea.  Another lovely idea came via @LoraxCommunity in the shape of a tongue tingling ‘spicy #sesame salad with #wasabi #aioli

#Potato salad? This one suggested by @suindependent sounds great!

This is a great link for #vegan ‘salad #dressings’ or fancy a #coleslaw/#mayonaise? as shared by @ChubbaNia. @FlavourPhotos shared this idea for a ‘#Summer super salad‘ @MarchpaneMedlar shared this lovely recipe for an ‘Edible #flower salad‘ So pretty!
This is a great idea from @RawStylist:

‘Grilled romaine lettuce with strawberries, walnuts, scramble tofu, dried cranberries and mango n avocado, with balsamic vinegar’

Talking of #Tofu, how about this idea from @VeganChatroom.

Many thanks once again to @TheFlexitarian for sharing this amazing selection of recipes: ‘#carrot salad‘ ”Panzanella‘ ‘#Aubergine salad with Spicy roasted #chickpeas‘ ‘#Mango #Tabbouleh‘ ‘#fennel #radish and #pea #mint salad‘ ‘#Asparagus #kale salas with #tahini dressing‘ and last but not least, ‘#Kale salad with roasted butternut #squash and #peanut #tofu‘ Yummmmm!!

This ‘#Eggplant salad with #Cajun dressing‘ from @myveggieweb sounds superb. Or what about ‘#Kale salad with fried #casher #cheese and #pickled #beets‘ from @GirlEatsGreens!?

Make sure you have alook at this superb video shared by @lethalfizzle!How to make a ‘#Cauliflower power salad‘ Brilliant!

Thank you all! What a brilliant collection! So, the next time you hear someone say ‘Salads are boring’ point them in this direction!!




#chickpea #gramflour theme 17th april 2014

Hello again all!

I hope that you are all well? How was the Bank Holiday? Are you now like me, not knowing what day it is? Heheee!

So, our last theme 17th April 2014 was a very popular one. Its a topic I had ‘on the list’ but, following a request by @lukeberman, I decided, ah, why not have it next! So, we had a #chickpea #gramflour theme.


I am a huge fan of both ingredients. Both are hugely versatile and even better, cheap!You can buy a 400g tin of chickpeas for around 40p and a big bag of gram flour for just over a pound.

Chickpeas are a brilliant addition to your diet #vegan or not. They are loaded with #fibre, low Gi, low fat, hight #protein and can help lower LDL Cholesterol! What’s not to love!? It also means many recipes are also #glutenfree and #soyafree.

Lets get started with the recipes!

@veganDisco was kind enough to share a favourite recipe for ‘#Sundal’ How gorgeous does that recipe sound? How about a #Pakora to go with it? Or another recipe idea from @seasonalshaheen for ‘Portobello Mushroom Haggis Pakoras with Curried Neep Chips’ Soundsrather tasty doesnt it!

@lilmissmeatfree likes is ‘fast and Spicy’, or so she says.. ‘15 minute chickpea and spinach curry’ Another curry option was suggested by @Potatostrong. This one is ‘Super Quick and Easy No Fry Chick Pea Curry on Basmati Rice’ Gorgeous!

This ‘chickpea, maple and Apricot Tagine‘ from @lilmissmeatfree is a tasty option. Another #tagine recipe from @FullbelliesOAB is a rateher tasty ‘fennel and chickpea‘ combination. How about a yummy ‘Slow cooker North African Squash and Chickpea stew‘? Or a ‘chickpea and #Seitan tagine‘ from @paulYoud. This ‘Tangy Couscous‘ would go with them fantastically!  Thank you @theflexitarian!

This is really interesting: Did you know it is possible to use #gramflour as a handy #egg replacer? Via @vegan_hausfrau and @veganbaking

You cant go far wrong with #hummus! We regularly eat it in our house. It’s great to play around with different flavours. A great suggestion came in from @veganchatroom who told us that they ‘Made hummus using caramelised garlic and onion, we were out of lemon so used balsamic vinegar instead’. Interesting idea hey!?

Here are some examples or recipe ideas: @ephemerienne suggested this recipe.  How about ‘#kale hummus’ or ‘Avocado hummus‘ As suggested by @theflexitarian. On a similar note, how about this #sandwich idea suggested by @jagrazi ‘Smashed #Chickpea & #Avocado Salad’ Yum! Ever thought of making a #chocolate Hummus? Check this out from @Ephemeriene

Another very popular option (and favourite of mine!) is #socca. Actually, we have having a socca flatbread with our dinner tonight! We are roasting some garlic and then mushing it up and mixing it in the batter. Yum!


How about making a #socca ‘omelette‘? yum! Thank you @PaulYoud. Here is another serving version suggested by @segmentedsarah1. Or how about this idea suggested by @VeganUpNorth ! How amazing do these ‘Wild garlic chickpea pancakes‘ from @seasonalshaheen look and sound?! Thank you to @veganStella for sharing this recipe for ‘Besan omelette‘ Yummy!

We haven’t even touched on #falafel yet! I personally take an easy approach! I mush up #chickpeas and mix with some cumin, coriander, fresh breadcrumbs, lemon, garlic. Form into patties and fry lightly until browned. I also like to add #sweetpotato or #butternutsquash sometimes. You can find loads of recipe suggestions on line. Many are made differently to the cheating way I do them some have baking powder, some deep fry, some have onion…..the options are endless!

Another top choice is to roast your #chickpeas. This is great for a sweet or savoury snack. Yet another thing I love to eat! (there isnt much I dont like to be honest..parsnips though..not a fan) here is a sweet idea from @greedyvegangirl ‘Cinnamon sugar roasted chickpeas’. I like to drain them, dry them and add salt and pepper or smoked paprika, herbs, anything I fancy on the day to be honest! Then bake on a tray until browned.


How about something completely different? Biscuits made with #gramflour! thank you @veganupnorth! ‘Double choc chip chickpea and almond’ Tasty! If you really want to max out with the sweetness, how about this recipe for ‘Kesar burfi‘ Sweet!

Hungry?! I bet!

Can you imagine how I feel after every #veganrecipehour? Hehe!

Thank you once again everyone. It was a great hour. Please check out the #twitter account for more recipes from the night. There were so many amazing ideas!


#veganrecipehour Thursday 13th Feb 2014 #chocolate #cocoa #carob theme

On Thursday 13th Feb, (aptly one day before Valentines day!) Our theme was ‘Chocolate, cocoa and carob’
A little bit indulgent maybe but, a very popular topic!
We are pleased o say that it was really busy once again and in fact, week on week, we are upping our ‘interactions’ by at least 30 every time, which is amazing!
We are also so proud 9round of applause to all followers) that we have passed the 1000 mark! That is absolutely phenomenal and way beyond any of our hopes or expectations.
It only goes to show that vegan food IS popular IS in demand and IS simply fabulous!! thank you every one, you make this thing work.
Without further ado lets crack on with the recipes! After all, that’s why we are all here!
Here’s is a little round up of some of the recipes shared, remember, there are more to be found by searching in under #veganrecipehour!

lets start off with these awesome ‘Coconut and Oat Biscuits with Chocolate Orange Drizzle’ @VeganVoxBlog
Who also suggested these yummy looking ‘Banana Nut Muffins with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting’

I have to agree with @SianyB23 who shared this photo….



Moo Free‘ Chocolate is absolutely gorgeous! We first tried it at West Midlands Vegfest -(check out this link for UK festivals this year) and were Hooked! its Dairy free, gluten free and totally Vegan! have a look at the Easter eggs!

Anyway! Back to the recipes…

Just take a look at this amazing ‘Raw White Chocolate & Strawberry Marbled ‘Ice Cream’ Cake’ recipe as suggested by @naturalfuelblog What a treat!

i am a bit of a biscuit fan, nice cuppa and a biccie, cant beat it. i was made up when I saw this recipe..’Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies‘ as suggested by @Dorset_vegan. Thank you!!
How about this scrumptious sounding (and  looking) Raw vegan chocolate mousse pie – To be found on the fabulous @MinoValleyFarm website blog.

On my goodness, look t these beautiful photos of these ‘Luxury chocolate mousse cups’ from @flavourphotos the recipe can be found at the bottom of the blog post.
fancy a moreish ‘Double chocolate vegan brownie‘? suggested by @Dorset_vegan/@cymruFigan..yes please, if you are offering!

Another gorgeous Raw recipe sugested by @KerryMacuska ‘Raw Almond Butter Cups with Chocolate Icing’ look superb!

Blackbean brownies!? Who would have thought it?! thank you @PotatoStrong who also suggested this ‘Raw date and almond coconut balls’ recipe which uses cocoa. Gorgeous!
Hungry yet? Chocolate craving much!!?!
This is merely a snapshot of what went on, please, if you have a chance, take a look through the tweets for more recipes, tips and advice on Chocolate for vegans!
Every feel you are missing out being vegan?

Heck no!!

6th February 2014 Nutritional yeast theme

Thursday 6th February’s theme was Nutritional yeast.
It seems its pretty popular stuff!
Regarded as a Vegans best kept secret, nutritional yeast is extremely versatile and pretty much a ‘must have’.
Its useful for all sorts of things. From a cheesy sprinkle on some soup or a salad to a tasty addition in a burger recipe , a great addition to popcorn for a healthy savoury snack or stirred into Baked beans! But what is it exactly?
Its actually a deactivated yeast, it is a complete protein and is rich in the B vitamins, It is naturally low in fat and also in sodium.
Nutritional Information
per 100g:
Energy 1500kJ/357kcal, Protein 45g, Carbohydrates 33g (of which sugars 1g), Fat 5g (of which saturates 2.5g), Dietary Fibre 20g, Sodium 1g, , Phosphorus 1200mg, Magnesium 180mg, Iron 4.5mg, Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 15mg, Riboflavin (vitamin B2) 25mg, Niacin (Nicotinic Acid) 150mg, Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6) 1.8mg, Folic Acid 23pg, pantothenic acid 1.3mg . (http://www.goodnessdirect.co.uk)

For a bit more info look HERE and HERE.

The main two types we seem to have in the UK are Engevita Marigold Yeast Flakes with Vitamin B12 and the one without the added B12. Frequently found in 125g tubs.

20 ways to use Nutritional Yeast? Yes please (thank you @vegan_hausfrau) r
@veganVoxBlog kindly shared their  Basil pesto recipe…YUM!
@PROVEGAN shared this lovely burger recipe ‘Super Sun Burgers


@GoodStuffSharon shared this gorgeous recipe for Conchiglie in a creamy roasted Butternut Squash sauce.
How about a ‘veganised’ collard Greens recipe? from @lizzidelicious

A few more ideas…
Giggle Laura ‏@Lil_Laura35 Feb 6 @veganrecipehour I like to sprinkle nutritional yeast on tomato based soups & sauces as a Parmesan substitute, yum! 🙂
Philippa Poland ‏@spangledcat Feb 6 – hello there just dropped in – snap! was going to get some today to add to my scramble
Kerry Macuska ‏@KerryMacuska Feb 6 @veganrecipehour I love adding nooch to my soups! #veganrecipehour
Dorset Vegan ‏@Dorset_vegan Feb 6  I’m a bit boring but tend to do a white sauce with a load of nooch, mustard n pepper and chuck it over pasta. (Not boring at all we think!)

Part Cyborg @Pandoranitemare @veganrecipehour Love nooch! Its amazing sprinked on veg, makes a great ‘cheese’ sauce, seasoning for home made kale chips or popcorn

Just a quick round up this time because so many tips were given in the conversations! It was really good fun chatting.  xx

#veganrecipehour 23rd january 2014 #kale and #cabbage theme

The theme of #kale and #cabbage proved to be an extremely popular one. Many, many recipe suggestions were shared, lots of photos tweeted and lots of bellies rumbled!
I think it is fitting to start with these passionate statements!

Luke Berman ‏@lukeberman Jan 23
@veganrecipehour @VeganChatRoom @GourmetVegan I can’t make it tonight but I just wanted to say I LOVE KALE! #veganrecipehour
EasyPeasyNotCheesy ‏@easypeasybnc Jan 23
#veganrecipehour just eat kale!
Alastair ‏@VeganUpNorth Jan 23
@veganrecipehour I love cabbage so much. There, I said it.

I reckon they actually sum up the general consensus on #kale and #cabbage!

Kale has recently become a bit of a ‘vegan stereotype’, its sudden rapid rise in popularity has been amazing!
I was always aware of kale but never really saw it in the shops until recent years (uk) Its a shame we mainly have to buy it chopped up in bags in a supermarket, its all stalk! Why dont they sell it in bunches? Its much nicer that way. I suppose its shelf life. We all know once veggies pass their sell by date that, they instantly become poisonous…… ;o) ahem…*rolls eyes*
I feel sorry for the humble #cabbage as well. Its a bit of a ‘cinderella’ of the veg world. Over cooked for School meals, smelly, watery limp….
But this isnt the way it has to be! A cabbage is so, so versatile! Raw or cooked, it has many uses and the taste is gorgeous! Its great to see more varieties these days in the shops.
Lets have a look at some of the fabulous recipe suggestions we had at #veganrecipehour….

Our first cabbage recipe came in via @vegan_hausfrau ‘Krautfleckerl’ or noodles and cabbage (Austria)
A really different and tasty way of eating it, full bellies all round! Also very much #veganonabudget
Some really lovely suggestions were shared by  ‏@naturalfuelblog  ‘Chickpea and cabbage stew‘ or a tasty Colcannon?
Ever thought about having kale in a Smoothie?
‘Every morning,green smoothie of kale, almond milk, frozen banana, hemp, chia, ginger, coconut oil #veganrecipehour’ from @naturalfuelblog

Thank you to @seasonalShaheen for suggesting the following:
Sea salt and balsalmic vinegar kale (yum!) Brussels sprouts hash (we all agree sprouts are little cabbabes right?) and polenta kale wedges with Chilli and cumin…..


Some more sprout love from@TheFlexitarian ‘curried brussels sprout soup‘ and a really tasty sounding brussels sprout coleslaw with pomegranate.   @TheFlexitarian

This has a really healthy portion of cabbage in it! It sounds divine! ‘sweet potatoes in a cayenne, ginger and groundnut sauce‘ suggested by @GoodStuffSharon.
More cabbage to use up? Try this from @VeganUpNorth ‘Japanese cabbage fritters
Or a ‘Burns night‘ treat from @lilmissmeatfree..
‘curried cabbage and sweet potato hash anyone? @fullbelliesOAB

A bit more Cabbage advice…..
Luke Berman ‏@lukeberman Jan 23
Coming from a Jewish background we braise red cabbage with onion, apple and white wine vinegar. So unbelievably delicious. #veganrecipehour
ChantalⓋ ‏@vegsoup4thesoul Jan 23
Braised red cabbage: add sliced onion, apple, pinch grd cloves, red currant jelly, splash balsamic, red wine n veg stock. #veganrecipehour
http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1827640/red-cabbage-with-balsamic-vinegar-and-cranberries  Mr Fullbellies ‏@BRYNFISH Jan 23
@veganrecipehour Used this recipe at Xmas http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1827640/red-cabbage-with-balsamic-vinegar-and-cranberries … replaced the balsamic vinegar with homemade damson vinegar #veganrecipehour

Lets get back to a bit of Kale with a lovely ‘kale and lentil loaf‘ from @jasminetrinity.

 @lizzdelicious  was spot on when she suggested; @veganrecipehour I thought you might like my Smoky Kale Tacos! We most certainally do!
Or a kale and potato Empenada with a mushroom dipping sauce?! From @fullbelliesOAB
How about trying out  ‘dehydrated kale crackers‘ as suggested by the wonderful @VeganChatRoom

Then the very next day, this article in The independent was published about jut how popular and quite frankly awesome kale is!

How trendy are we huh!
Anyway, thank you for taking part! It was great fun! See you next time!

Vegan Comfort food

#veganrecipehour 9th January 2014.

So! Our first VRH of 2014 finally arrived! We took a break over the holidays but still managed to chat a bit!
We hope you had a wonderful time and had some super dooper food.
We sure did, Plenty of Sprouts were eaten!

Our forst theme of the year was #vegancomfortfood.
It was a busy, fast paced hour, which is always great fun to host.
It seems many of us take comfort from dishes such as stews and casseroles. Something hearty and warming on these dark dank winter evenings.
Here is a selection of a few of the recipe ideas that were shared.

Fancy a Pretzel? or a brezel!? @veganupnorth shared these wonderful recipe ideas. Tasty!

‘Spicy Bean Hotpot’ anyone? Thats a fab hearty warming meal if ever I saw one!
from @Lilmissmeatfree

This isnt a recipe but, one of my personal comfort foods is #granovita Pate! I love the stuff! Mmm pate on toast!

Soups are a wonderful way of using up veggies. Come in from a weekend walk down the lanes, cold and hungry….nice big bowl of soup and a hunk of bread to dunk…Perfect!
Three Lentil Soup and a ‘curry in a hurry‘ to use it up!
Raw or cooked, You decide Butternut squash soup
How about a Cauliflower cheeze?!
@JasmineTrinity thank you for your sugestions!

Check out this superb cake! Fat Free pineapple cake How amazing does that look! Yum!
Thank you ‏@VeganStella!

Another super #raw idea. Raw courgette spaghetti recipe!
A lovely colourful and tasty Spiced vegetable stew from @SeasonalShaheen
Or a quick and simple Curried cabbage and sweet potato hash? From @fullbelliesOAB
Smoky sweet potato and black bean salad?

Comfort food doesn’t have to = unhealthy every time!
See you next time!