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#Indianfood theme Thursday 24th july 2014

I think this may have been the most hectic #veganrecipehour yet! It started off slowly and I thought ‘oh boy, no one is going to turn up’ How wrong was I!!?!

This is my spice tin. We get through loads of spices in our house and its always needing topping up!


So, so many amazing recipes! I have tried to gather them all together. Sorry if I have missed any. It’s a lot to sort through!

Lets kick things off with this mouth watering selection from the ever lovely @yogivegetarian. Firstly here is a tasty ‘Shahi #Tofu‘ dish which is also #glutenfree. And there’s more! ‘Matar Tofu‘ ‘Whole #mungdal with #coconut‘ ‘Aromatic #MungDal‘ ‘Flax Chapattis ‘#Wholegrain Khitchri‘ How about something sweet to follow? ‘Superchikki‘ #glutenfree or a ‘#Mango #kulfi‘ Yummy!!

Welcome once again to @GoodStuffSharon for these wonderful suggestions. ‘Baked red #onion #bhajis with #homemade #mango #chutney‘ and a beautiful looking ‘Creamy #Coconut #Dhal with #Butternut #Squash

Many thanks once again to @Ephemerienne for sharing with us such amazing recipes! (Google translate) Starting with a tasty ‘Chana Masala‘ ‘#Saag #tofu‘ ‘#Saag Aloo‘ ‘Mild vegetable #curry‘ ‘#Byriani‘ ‘#Cauliflower and #Aubergine #curry‘ ‘#Lentils #cauliflower #pumpkin #curry‘ and to finish the selection, how about ‘#mango #lassi‘ Wowee!

@emisgoodeating shared this recipe for ‘#onion #bhaji‘ Cant go wrong with those!

Once again we were lucky enough to have @RawVeganista sharing some of her amazing recipes. Here we have ‘#Raw #aubergine #curry‘ ‘#Raw vegan #korma and spicy #aubergine #curry‘ and a superb ‘#Raw #Butternut #squash #curry and #Parsnip and #hempseed herbed ‘#rice‘. i cant wait to try those!

Another Indian inspired rice dish was suggested by @SentientChef’ #Turmeric and #Mushroom #rice‘ sounds lovely doesn’t it! They also reminded us of the amazing products from @Hodmedods. This is a really lovely vegan friendly ‘#Dal‘ I personally adore their products!

This is a really nice and different suggestion from @TheFlexitarian ‘Indian-Spiced #Lentils with #Spinach and #Rhubarb‘ really interesting!

Now, I usually forget to actually add anything from my own #Blog! I luckily remembered this time and have a few #indianfood inspired recipes to share. @fullbelliesOAB Keema #curry‘  ‘Red #lentil #tomato and #cauliflower #curry‘  ‘Easy #coconut and #peanut #curry  ‘#Spinach and #coconut #curry’ ‘#Lentil and #Chickpea #curry with whole roast indian spiced #Cauliflower‘  and last but not least ‘#cauliflower #pakoras‘ These are all 100% gorgeous! But,I’m Biased! Hehe!

Welcome once again to @Veggiesoup4thesoul and thank you for these lovely suggestions: a lovely ‘#naan bread‘ recipe. Thank you for also suggesting  Madhur Jaffrey’s ‘#Aduki #Bean #curry‘ Many thanks also for sharing this great review of the  @titbits_uk Cook book. Featuring amongst other gorgeous recipes, a wonderful Goan curry with tofu & pineapple’ fabulousness!

It was great to see @Potatostrong back at #veganrecipehour! They shared this lovely recipe for ‘Super Quick and Easy No Fry Chick Pea Curry on Basmati Rice‘ Very nice!

We have a couple of other great ‘#Naan bread‘ recipes from @PaulYoud or a lovely #Spicy fruit naan. Thank you!

There are even more #indianfood tweets from the night but, I wouldn’t want to make your tummy rumble tooooo much ;o)


#mushroom theme 29th May 2014


I was really surprised at just how popular #mushrooms are! The topic made for a really busy #veganrecipehour! Lets take a look at the humble #mushroom and see why we should be eating it.

They are packed with helpful, healthy vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Potassium for Blood pressure control, Niacin is great for your skin, digestive and nervous system, selenium (an anti oxidant), Riboflavin which helps look after your red blood cells, Copper for red blood cell production to mention a few.

There are also so many varieties to choose from. I know in the UK, over the last few years, it has been possible to buy large ranges from most supermarkets. If not, there tends to be a choice of white, chestnut, button and usually a larger open mushroom of varying sorts. Dont forget tinned mushrooms in water etc for stirfry’s and the like. Or, I’ve bought them in pouches before. Also dried mushrooms are hugely useful in dishes and in making Mushroom stock.

ImageSo, lets see what tasty gorgeousness was suggested!

Thank you to @Facelessfood for joining us and suggesting this lovely recipe for their gorgeous ‘#mushroom #byriani‘ Yum!

@ephemerienne once again treated us to many lovely recipes, here are a couple to whet your appetite! More can be found on our #twitter feed ‘#Mushroom and greens #salad‘ ‘Mushroom and kale Alfredo

@vegsoup4thesoul Suggested some amazing recipe ideas! such as ‘Mexican Mushrooms‘ ‘#BBQ ‘pulled-Pork’ mushrooms!‘ ‘Malaysian laksa-style soup’

Many thank s once agian to the lovely @Jasminetrinity for her tasty suggestions: ‘Mushroom Ragu‘  ‘#mushroom and #spinach #pie‘ and ‘#Kale and #mushroom #stirfry’ Check out this amazing #pintrest board too! Packed full of tasty #mushroom recipe ideas!

@Leicveggie shared this lovely ‘#Lentil #Stew‘ (with mushrooms) with us. Thank you to @VeganTrinity for sharing their tasty recipe for ‘Mushroom, broccolli & Coconut Soup‘ with us.  This lovely #noodle dish comes from the ever wonderful @lilmissmeatfree Creamy Thai Mushroom Noodles’ tasty!! A warn welcome to the lovely @mintgrapefruit who I am pleased to say, shared their lovely recipe for ‘Mushroom & Cauliflower Pasta‘with us. Thank you! A wonderful array of #mushroom recipes can be found here courtesy of the wonderful @vegangela wowee!

@TheFlexitarian were extremely generous with their suggestions such as; ‘Creamy Kale & Mushroom Soba Noodles‘ or ‘#mushrooms on #Butternut #Polenta Galettes‘ or how about a fab ‘#Asparagus & #mushroom Lasagna’!?  Staying on a #pasta theme, @veganfoodchat were kind enough to share this recipe for ‘Cannellini-Stuffed Potatoes

Thank you to @SlowCookeryClub for sharing this really interesting suggestion of ‘soy-pickled shiitakes’. I shall be making some of those asap! @PaulYoud suggested we try some lovely ‘stuffed mushroom parcels’ and @avocadoplease shared a really amazingly tasty looking recipe for ‘#mushroom #burgers with #Asian slaw‘! Absolutely brilliant!

What a fantastic selection of amazingly tasty recipes! There isn’t mushroooom for any more… ahem… hehe! *hides*

Thank you once again for making it a wonderful #veganrecipehour. Check out more tweets on our feed!

#Asparagus theme Thursday 1st May 2014

Hello and welcome to another #veganrecipehour round up.

We had an awesome #asparagus theme on 1st May 2014. I have been totally convinced that I like #asparagus now and have already had it a couple of times in the last week!

So, what is so impressive about that spear shaped vegetable?


It seems the Mighty Asparagus officinalis is very good for you indeed. Asparagus is whats known as a Perennial (meaning the plant lives for more than two years. Its image has been recorded as far back as 3000BC by the Egyptians! It is low in calories and sodium and is made up of around 93% water. Importantly it is a great source of B6. It makes up around 7% of a of a 100g portion. As well as Vitamins C,E, folic acid, calcium, iron and magnesium to mention a few benefits! Thank you to @VeganStella for sharing this …informative article! Now we know! Hehee! But Asparagus also lends a helping hand to your urinary system, helping to kep your Kidneys in tip top health. (link)



Convinced? Lets take a look at some recipes then…

Many people seem to prefer #asparagus in its simplest form. This recipe shared by @CymruFigan showcasing the veg in a beautifully simple way, losing none of its amazing flavour! Or how about this lovely recipe for ‘Roasted Asparagus Salad with Chickpeas and Potatoes‘. @heavenlyskin told us that they enjoy it griddled with #garlic. Mmm tasty!

How about a #paella? Take a peek at this recipe from @theflexitarian. They also shared this idea for ‘aparagus #tofu scramble‘, as well as this gorgeous recipe for ‘Asparagus and new #potato salad in #caper #pesto dressing’ Yum! How about trying it in a soup? @lilmissmeatfree shared this delicious recipe for ‘Asparagus, pea and rosemary soup‘! @yogivegetarian shared this lovely recipe for ‘Asparagus tart‘ using a #gramflour eggless filling. Thank you to @JasmineTrinity for sharing her suggestion of an ‘Asparagus #pizza‘ Fab!

@JustinLaurenXO told us how they really like making a huge veggie roast w/ potato, onion, carrot, pepper, garlic, asparagus etc w olive oil and spices! Lovely idea! Thank you once again to the lovely @createagoodlife for sharing a favourite of theirs ‘Asparagus with #maple #tahini dressing‘ Wowee! Hope to try that soon! #glutenfree

We had some awesome suggestions from the lovely @seasonalshaheen. ‘Zesty Asparagus and #pinenuts‘ as well as ‘ Asparagus and #radish #pasta‘ Thank you for sharing!

Once again this is a shapshot of the amazing #vegan recipes that were shared on the night. Be sure also to have a look at @flavourphotos photographs that were shared! Amazing! You can find these and other tweets by clicking here and looking throught the tweets or searching under #veganrecipehour and/or #asparagus.

Remember everyone…..


Have fun!